Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vote no: River belongs to everyone
Seems as though we've already lost.

Generosity makes program successful
The Nakenu Summer Program would like to extend a big chiqinik (thank you) to all the people who helped make the program a success.

Alaskans need to do the right thing
So The Associated Press interview with Don Young about the upcoming election really shed some light, and I hope Alaskans hand him a nice big fat defeat. I mean, Come on, the AP interviewer asked him if he's done anything wrong and Mr. Young says he can't comment.

Council meetings should be broadcast
As a longtime listener of borough assembly meeting radio broadcasts, I completely disagree with the anonymous author of the Clarion's snide editorial (Aug. 3) about increasing access to Kenai City Council meetings. More access to city council and commission meetings is always better, no matter what the medium especially since there is so little coverage of city government in the local monopoly newspaper.

Kenai may buy back land
Under terms of a sale contract amendment approved Wednesday night, the city of Kenai will buy back property being sold to Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse if the economics of building a new store do not favor proceeding with the project.

Hope paramedic resuscitates training program, wins national EMT award
When Security Aviation ran into legal trouble a year ago, 11 paramedic students would have had their training cut short had it not been for Valerie DeFrance. Rather than concede defeat and give up her classroom, DeFrance, an emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic from the Hope area, threatened the company's lawyers with a little legal action of her own.

Photo feature: Chopper fuel
Ron Finch and Alicia Back use a take-out box to feed Back's dog Chopper in front of Kenai Joe's bar Thursday afternoon. Back said Chopper was a 6-month-old "pound dog."

Mayor, council seats up to voters
Five people have filed for a city council seat in Soldotna being vacated by Jane Stein.

An opportunity to go out and enjoy yourself
As adults and even as kids, sometimes we don't get enough opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as much as we'd like.

Silver lining: fishing in Homer heating up
For those looking for a sure thing fishing for salmon, Homer is the place to be this weekend.

Swan Lake fire growing slowly but will benefit wildlife
Folks on the Kenai Peninsula may have noticed or smelled smoke south of the Sterling Highway near Skilak Lake. This fire, known as the Swan Lake fire, is on the south shore of Skilak Lake about one mile south of Caribou Island. The fire was ignited by a lightning strike on July 29.

Critters might be hard to spot, but prints show where they've been going
Wild animals are almost instinctively elusive, but not seeing any creatures stirring while on a field foray doesn't mean there are none present. Tracks left behind can reveal a complex world of animal behavior, particularly for species adept at avoiding humans.

Spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa)
This short-lived perennial spreads by seed and a single plant can produce hundreds. With a basal rosette and deeply lobed gray-green leaf, it is related to the "bachelor button" that is a common plant. The similarity ends there. This plant has caused millions of dollars of environmental damage and economic loss in the western United States through habitat destruction and erosion. Knapweed has been found in a few locations here on the Kenai Peninsula and needs to be identified and removed when found. Please do not let this destructive plant take root here on the Kenai.

Peninsula Clarion - Community

Never too early for playoff implications
It's only Week 2 of the high school football season, one-quarter of the way toward being complete.

Peninsula Clarion - Religion

In the right place at the right time
I recently read an article about the man who caught Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball. The man, who was from New York, had planned a vacation to Australia but decided to take a layover in San Francisco so he could attend the baseball game and possibly be a part of history.

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