Challenge to Palin commended

Posted: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I too, would like to thank Kathleen Gustafson, Billy Sullivan, Shannyn Moore and anyone else participating in last week's Sarah Palin confrontation on the Homer Spit, challenging her integrity.

I wish I had been there to aid in the exposure of this farcical fraud, as being the self-serving, moronic opportunist that she is. In my opinion she cares nothing for this country, or this state other than what she can gain personally as a puppet for a bigoted, hateful, right-wing element whose sole purpose is to prevent this country from moving forward, at any cost, during the current administration.

These hate/fear mongers disorient and influence the dim-witted with lies and distortions so idiotic they are best, dished up through Faux Nus, National Enquirer or Caribou Barbie herself. Once they have conditioned a large enough group of these drones to vote in a new administration, unconditionally supporting Corporate America and the super rich, perhaps they will be rewarded for shooting themselves in the foot with an all expenses paid kool aid party in Jonestown, Guyana. I just hope they don't try to take the rest of the middle class with them.

I'm surprised that Sarah went with TLC for her new show and didn't hold out for the Jerry Springer Show, more appropriate for the subject material. Just imagine Sarah, Levi, Bristol, Todd, etc, all in the same ring. Wow! Move over WWF.

Mama Grizzly? Rogue? Pit Bull? Maverick? President of the United States? Now that's terror!

Howard Forbes


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