Not all neighborhood residents object to cemetery site

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2005

We are writing in regards to your article on neighbors expressing fears over Soldotna cemetery. Until Mr. Dombovy started going around the neighborhood with his scare tactics on embalming fluids leaking from caskets into the ground water, we are not too sure many people even thought much about the cemetery going in near our subdivision.

If (not when) any leaking would occur, it would take years. By the time it might happen, we are sure the subdivision will have been connected to the Soldotna city water supply. We are in hopes this does not happen anytime in the near future.

With a cemetery, the neighborhood would continue to be nice and quiet and to us that is much better than having more houses, condos or a large business building built at that location. There should not be any increase in traffic except at the time of a funeral.

A few years ago there was an article in the Clarion that mentioned that a bridge might be constructed across the Kenai River at the end of West Redoubt at some point. We would be much more worried about all the traffic that this would bring to our subdivision, especially with the two schools located on West Redoubt a couple blocks from our subdivision. That’s not to say that even with the cemetery the bridge would or would not be built. This may or may not ever take place and if it does it would be years away.

In the meantime, our subdivision is a very nice subdivision, with not much traffic and it’s quiet, so lets keep it this way.

Racheal Wilhelm and Elaine Cessnun


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