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Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007

Halcha Alcock was born in Kamloops, Canada in 1895. In the mid 1920s she married James Green, a rancher and farmer in California.

They later moved to Oregon and Washington and had five children. During World War II their 9-year-old son, Richard, took sick. The family was experiencing flu at the time and Halcha assumed Richard's illness was the same. As his condition worsened, however, she wanted to get him to a doctor. War rationing and poverty had depleted gas and tires, so Richard's older brother, Arthur, went to a neighbor and borrowed a horse. The sick lad was taken to a hospital and his ruptured appendix removed. He died anyway and Halcha took this loss very hard.

The Greens were poor, rigorous laboring folks. Even so, Halcha is remembered for her delicious cinnamon rolls and bread, and for diligently running the household affairs for the family.

Eventually, James passed away. Meanwhile, Arthur and his wife, Charlotte, moved to Soldotna, where the younger Green found work in the oil patch. Arthur thought he might stay in Alaska a couple weeks but ended up enjoying 20 years. He brought his mom to Soldotna, but Alzheimer's disease was afflicting her. Providing care for her became difficult, especially since Charlotte also had a job. Halcha was sent to long-term health care at the Homer hospital. Her last years were sad because of impaired mental faculties. She passed away in 1991 and her 96-year-old body was interred at Spruce Grove Memorial Park in Kasilof.

Only her two oldest children survive and Arthur has moved back to Washington. Halcha has a meaningful resting place and it is our honor to perpetuate her memory alongside the local patrons of the cemetery. (Source: Arthur Green of Addy, Wash.)

Here is a list of the folks who saw 90 or more solar circles and are buried there:

1. Stryker, James (Dec. 24,1852-April 18 1945) mentioned in Dec. 11, 2006, Reflections

2. Stryker, Bertha (1869-1965) Nov 13. and Dec. 11, 2006, Reflections

3. Petersen, Jetret (1895-1992) Dec. 11, 2006, Reflections

4. Green, Halcha M. (Aug. 6, 1895-Aug. 1991) Aug. 20, 2007, Reflections

5. Thompson. Wilma Freeland (Nov. 16, 1895-Sept. 22, 1988) Jan. 8, 2007, Reflections

6. Lehr, Edith V. (1896-1989) information sought.

7. Rorrison, Vera G. (1896-1991) Jan. 8, 2007, Reflections

8. McLane, Enid (1896-1989), Dec. 11, 2006, Reflections

9. Gann, Cassie Coffey (Sept. 22,1900-Jan. 5, 2000) Dec. 11, 2006, Reflections

10. Harris, Helen (1902-1994) information sought.

11. Walker, Amanda Kellar (Oct. 6, 1902-Aug. 2, 1999) Aug. 28, 2006, Reflections

12. French, Mary Louise (1905-1997) information sought.

13. Nordmeyer, August (Nov. 28 1905-Sept. 22 1999) April 30, 2007, Reflections

14. LeDoux, Clarence E. (1906-1997) May 28, 2007, Reflections

15. Howarth, Vera Franklin (Oct. 26, 1908-July 14, 2002) March 5 Reflections

16. Rogers, Ester Lauritzen, (1909-2006) Jan .8, 2007, Reflections

17. Dubendorf, Maude (Jan. 10, 1910-2006) April 30, 2007, Reflections

18. Snyder, Arthur (1910-2003) information sought.

19. Roby, Andrew Robert Sr. (Sept. 23, 1914- Aug. 13, 2005) May 28, 2007, Reflections

This column was provided by Brent Johnson with the Kasilof Historical Society.

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