Reader plans to vote 'No' on 2

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am writing this in reference to the brochure from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game that came with my paper a couple of days ago and its connection to the upcoming election in which we will be voting on Ballot Measure 2.

In the past few weeks I have seen a number of paid political advertisements from the anti-hunting community that have been deliberately misleading by projecting the current predator control program as an unsportsman-like hunting issue. More specifically, these ads repeatedly use the term "ethical hunting." These ads are deliberately misleading the voters by calling predator control unfair and unethical hunting.

This program is and never was a public hunting issue participated in by the general hunting community for sport, subsistence or any other reason, as the ADF&G brochure plainly explains.

This predator management program is simply a management tool administered by trained professionals. They have no intention of completely extermination the wolf population or any other for that matter. It is their duty to manage all wild animal populations so that no one specie endangers another. So don't be misled by the anti-hunting community trying to paint this as unfair and unethical hunting.

In short, it is not hunting at all and to paint it as such is a deliberate attempt to sway the public opinion in voting for Ballot Measure 2.

I, for one, was delighted to see the ADF&G brochure and only wish more had been forthcoming from ADF&G in rebuttal to the misleading information in paid advertisements aimed at getting the general public to vote in favor of this upcoming ballot measure.

I will be voting against Ballot Measure 2 and again thank ADF&G for a much-needed explanation to the general public.

Mike Hamrick


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