'Weeding the garden' takes on new meaning

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010

The flower garden on the corner of Binkley Street and Redoubt Avenue had a unique occupant up until Thursday: marijuana.

Connie Glotz spotted the errant weed during her morning walk. She noticed an odd looking plant growing near the snapdragons, she said. Glotz recognized the plant's distinct leaf formation, but searched the web to confirm her initial assessment.

"I looked it up on the Internet and learned more than I thought I would," she said.

Glotz notified Soldotna city council member Edward Sleater who regularly tends the garden.

"Everyone deserves to see their city councilman on their hands and knees," Sleater said.

Glotz joked: "Wow, what's Ed up to?

"I know Ed is retiring. I thought he was looking for some side income."

The council member went to investigate Glotz' report, because he had recently been there and hadn't seen anything.

Sure enough, he found the plant "snuggled" in amongst he snapdragons.

He said, "That plant looks like a weed. Hell, it is a weed!"

Sleater uprooted the 2-foot plant and took it down to the Soldotna Police Station for proper disposal.

Police confirmed the weed was weed.

But Sleater said he suspected it anyway.

"I'm 70 years old. I go back to that era," he said.

Sleater said he turned the plant over rather than take it home because he was concerned that a resident might come to his home and question him.

"Hey duuuude. What do you think?" he speculated as his response.

He claimed he didn't know how the plant appeared in the garden, but had a theory.

"Someone probably threw a roach with a seed in it out the window and it landed in the flower bed or something," he said.

Glotz believes that the plant went unnoticed until a recent rainfall caused it to spring out of nowhere. She said that the roses in her garden opened from "tight buds," as well.

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