Voters will get 2 ballot choices

Posted: Monday, August 21, 2000

The issue of which candidate is the best will not be the only pressing decision Tuesday. What ballot to choose may top the list.

According to a flier released by the Division of Elections, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled political parties have a constitutional right to restrict who can vote in the primary elections. The Republican Party of Alaska has decided to limit who can vote in the primary with a ballot choice.

A voter will be asked to choose between a Republican ballot and an open ballot. The Republican ballot lists Republican candidates only, whereas all other candidates are on the open ballot. A voter can vote on just one ballot in the primary.

Any registered voter, regardless of party affiliation, can vote on the open ballot.

Only voters registered as Republican, nonpartisan or undeclared can vote on the Republican ballot. Voters who are not registered as a Republican, nonpartisan or undeclared, however, can choose the Republican ballot by filling out a party affiliation change form available on site at the polls.

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