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Posted: Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Alaskans must take careful look at who is seeking their votes

After reading the recent Anchorage Daily News story on the Kenai Native Association and the woes they have encountered, I felt compelled to write this letter. The article did not point fingers but brought to light information which should have been public, especially to the shareholders of KNA.

Having a public official benefiting from a contract that is contributing to the near demise of a corporation alarms me greatly. To learn that this official is Alaska Native is catatonically shocking. As a retired Alaskan Native who has sat as a board of director, a CEO and chairman of the board for an ANCSA corporation, I am well aware of the struggles involved to be benevolent to shareholders, while being successful in business.

In a previous letter to the editor I wrote "the exploitation of ethnic groups to line the pockets of corporations and a few individuals has to stop." To exploit the tacit integrity that being elected to public office brings is down right criminal.

Reading between the lines of the Anchorage Daily News story brings me to the conclusion that I must turn off my ears when public officials open their mouths asking to be elected, while they go into raptures on their accomplishments.

I would advise all voters to take a very stringent look at who receives their vote, whether it be for public office or for corporate directors.

Charles Hubbard


Alaskans' outdoor lifestyle would be best supported by Loren Leman

Brett Huber's gushy endorsement (Clarion, Aug. 20) of Robin Taylor for lieutenant governor is a warning to Alaskans. Alaskans who, in Brett's words, "... want to continue to access and enjoy ..." our fishing should remember that it was Brett who lobbied the Board of Fish to deny resident harvest of first-run Kenai kings. Alaskans should also remember the 150-plus area residents who took out a full-page ad in the Clarion stating that Brett and the Kenai River Sportfishing Association do not represent their interests.

When Brett talks about "our positions" and "our rights," remember he's executive director of KRSA, and if Robin Taylor supports Brett's positions, then Robin Taylor doesn't support mine.

Where resident fishing rights are concerned, Brett's endorsement of any candidate should be a political kiss of death. Resident Alaskans who want to continue to enjoy the Alaskan outdoor lifestyle would be better advised to vote for Loren Leman for lieutenant governor.

John Nelson


Alaskans encouraged to vote for Leman for lieutenant governor

I have known Loren Leman for 44 years. We attended the same small school in Ninilchik.

(He WAS a few years behind me!)

I am well acquainted with his parents and have watched his performance in Juneau for many years. Those many years of association have confirmed my initial impression -- that Loren is honest, hard-working, and a man of integrity.

I spend much of the year out of state, and consequently, am no longer registered to vote in Alaska. Since I am not able to vote for Loren, I'd like to encourage all of my friends and family to support Loren's bid for lieutenant governor.

He has his head on straight and knows how to work. We need more folks like Loren Leman in Juneau!

Jerry Anderson


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