State agency terrorizes familes with its unfair, harmful policies

Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2003

The world watched the horrifying events of 9-11-01, as the terrorist from a foreign land invaded our homeland America. Thousands of children were left without fathers or mothers, husbands without wives, wives without husbands; left with the horrifying uncertainty of when and where this might happen again. All of America stood with one voice, as we lined the streets all across America with or lit candles. Holding and waving our, flags of freedom, demanding that these terrorists be named and be brought to justice.

Thousands of our young men and women were sent across the sea even at the cost of giving their own lives to guarantee that the beauty and serenity of our free America was never to be terrorized again, and rightly so. Equally horrifying to this writer are the events of 8-4-03. As the little 4 year old boy stood there with fear in his eyes. As silent tears flowed down his chubby cheeks. His mother's hand shakes as she reaches out and pulles him to her breast, never to let him go.

I couldn't hold my silence any longer as a stranger tried to coax the little boy out of the safety of his mother's arms, out of his loving home and into her car, on the pretense of just having a private little talk. Would you deny his mother the right to teach her little boy that, "never, no never under any circumstances, never get in a car with a stranger," I asked as I handed her the papers. I held them in my hand as she began to read. I could see a change in her demeanor. Was there one name on the petition that had convinced her, there was No abuse in the home? No my friend, there was not. Just like 9-11, it was many people with one voice demanding the truth be heard and this terrorist be exposed, investigated and charged for his crime.

Listen to me, D.F.Y.S. and you law-making legislators: When a mother is found to be a good, loving and nuturing mother and there is found to be no truth to the allegations, why then do you still protect the identity of the caller? Have not this mother and child been terrorized? How can we as a nation even hope to root out the terrorists in foreign lands, when our laws protect the terrorists at home?

This law must be amended and rewritten. The blood of our slain soldiers cries out from the sands of the desert, and demands it.

Jerry Hutchings


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