America becoming an easy target for militants

Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2003

If the attack on the U.N. building carries Saddam's signature it could be a calculated warning to the United Nations, a body that has now recognized the Anglo-American occupation and is becoming more involved in it.

But there's another possible explanation. Hitting the U.N. representatives was intended to show that the Americans are inept occupiers, that they can't guarantee security, water and electric power. They are not even able protect their guests. It was a bloody insult from an invisible Saddam to George W. Bush.

The fact that a suicide bomber may have carried out the attack on the U.N. is alarming. It is not typical of the Iraqi regime. The Baath was traditionally a lay party, rabidly anti-clerical.

But in recent weeks, Iraq has been a target for those who want to hit America. And among those are Islamic terrorists. For them this is a unique opportunity: America is no longer a remote object, it's now within their grasp.

La Repubblica, Rome

Aug. 20

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