Kids in roadway could lead to bad news

Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where were your children Aug. 3 between the hours of 11 p.m. and midnight? Playing in the road? Testing the focus of drivers?

Fortunately, I was not a driver whose focus was compromised by a cell phone glued to the ear. Fortunately, I was traveling at a reasonable speed and not on auto-pilot. Fortunately, my eyes discerned both darkness of collective body of youth mid-road on Beaver Loop and later movement of a child darting back and forth in front of my vehicle on the Miller Loop end of Holt Lamplight.

As children, my brother and I were not allowed to play in the road. As children we had parents who came looking for us if we were not at home when we should have been. In my opinion, the youth encountered were too young to be where they were when they were. In my opinion, there is still some truth to the concept that there is not much other than trouble for youth to get into at that time of night.

An educated guess is that the parents did not set out to raise "road-pizza." Hopefully the day will not come when the trooper is found standing on their respective doorsteps delivering a death notice. Hopefully the product of the poor choices of the youth in question will not someday be more than some unsuspecting driver can handle.

Suffering is for the living. So said a minister at a funeral I once attended.

Janet Miller


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