Growing the market for Alaskan Seafood

Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Federal and State dollars may be on their way to obtain maximum social and economic benefits from harvestable marine resources, if a project proposed by the Phoenix Food Consulting, Ltd, of Anchorage, receives funding.

According to the companies President and founder, Gail Marshall, Ph.D., the purpose of the project is to increase the value, markets, and utilization of Alaska Salmon. "I've been working to help grow the market for Alaska seafood by working with processors to produce more user friendly, value added type products. I have put in a proposal for a lot of federal and state research funds to create some new pilot lines and markets for a salmon industry that is seriously hurt by declining global markets, demand and price, due to competition from farmed salmon," said Marshall, in a recent presentation to the Kenai Chamber of Commerce.

Marshall believes that by making consumer friendly products like the catfish and poultry industries have done that we will be able to grow the demand for Alaskan seafood. "I think the demand for Alaskan salmon is going to grow. The more farm fish that are out there, the more unique and special Alaskan salmon become," added Marshall.

She is targeting Federal and State dollars to compete with the added competition from other counties producing farm fish bound for the American market. Marshall claims the Chilean government alone is spending $300 million dollars and Canada multiple hundreds of millions of dollars to market their value added products in the U.S. "I encourage anyone with a passion for this industry in other states to contact their Senators and Congressmen and have them support projects that will help our domestic fishing industry."

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