Friday, August 22, 2008

Salmon need Measure 4 to pass for health reasons
A month after the world celebrated a new millennium, a gold and copper mine leaked more than 130,000 cubic meters of cyanide into the Lupes and Somes rivers in Romania. In one day, people's lives changed forever. What was an economic promise to Romania turned into a nightmare. Fish rotted on the beaches as far as Hungary and Serbia. Thousands of people died or became ill. The rivers were their source of food and water. Many fled the area that was their peoples' home for thousands of years.

Reader gives opinion on ballot measures
Ballot Initiative 1: Vote no. This initiative to form a state gaming commission was proposed by two Alaska EX-legislators, who are now in prison, but is supported by CHAR (hotel and restaurant association). The intent is to put video poker games in restaurants and bars and possibly bring money-draining gambling casinos to Alaska. This commission creates another unneeded, unproductive bureaucracy, which could mark the end of gaming fundraisers, such as raffles, for deserving nonprofits.

Soldotnan says 'Yes' to 4
Pebble Mine proponents say that Alaskans who want to protect their clean water dependent resources by voting "Yes" on Proposition 4 will be putting restrictions on what waters the mining industry uses. They argue that by putting restrictions on how they store wastes near rivers and streams would be appropriating a resource.

Smoking suitcase leads to drug bust
Jennifer Lynn Powell, 38, of Sterling, was caught with more than two ounces of marijuana on Thursday.

Primary: Ballot Measure 4 proving divisive
It will shut down mining in Alaska, spoil several rural economies and disrupt long established lifestyles.

Moose Pass land sale nixed
A Moose Pass business owner who stood to gain a substantial amount of property belonging to the Kenai Peninsula Borough surprised assembly members and fellow residents when he encouraged members to vote no on Ordinance 2008-25.

A day of fun for everyone
A day of food, prizes, games and fun is just one day away -- and it's all free.

'Marlboro Forest' faces the sickle
Three feet, four feet, six feet, eight.

Photo feature: Water hazard
A duck swims through a pond full of algae at Birch Ridge Golf Course in Soldotna recently.

Margaret Frances Wilson
Former Funny River resident Margaret Frances Wilson died Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008, at her home in Sour Lake, Texas. She was 83.

Cecil Demidoff
Lifelong Alaskan Cecil Demidoff died Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008, at South Peninsula Hospital Long Term Care in Homer. He was 82.

Measures need voters' attention
When Alaskans go to the polls for Tuesday's primary election, they'll be doing far more than advancing various candidates to the general election. Four Alaska-altering initiatives appear on the ballot and they deserve residents' close attention.

We work hard so you don't have to
Hiking is already considered a strenuous activity and a good source of exercise, but it is suppose to be enjoyable, too!

Device gives options for those venturing off the beaten path
Whether you're a hunter stalking game in a remote location, a musher crossing a featureless icy landscape, or a snowmachiner riding in a whiteout above treeline, there is always the lurking sense of danger. But, for these folks and any other outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy getting far off the beaten path, there is a new piece of technology -- the Spot Satellite Messenger -- that could help save a life if a situation turned seriously sour.

Lunker leads Homer derby
Jeff Pardi has set the fishing bar -- high.

Around the Peninsula

SoHi begins fall pool hours

Ballot Measure 4 Opponent: Opponents: Measure 4 is a wolf in sheep's clothing
On the Kenai Peninsula, mining has been part of our economy since gold was discovered on the Russian River, and Cooper Landing was named for Joe Cooper who discovered gold there in 1896.

Ballot Measure 1 Opponent : Plan for gaming commission doesn't add up right
I'm no war history buff, but tactical strategies used in the past intrigue me. During the Trojan War, the Greeks couldn't muster up what was needed to get into Troy so they built a large wooden horse with a hollowed out belly for soldiers to hide in. The Trojans marveled at the creation and ushered it into their city. That night, when people were asleep or in a drunken stupor, the Greek warriors came out from inside the horse and slaughtered the Trojans.

Ballot Measure 1 Proponent :'Yes' vote ensures responsible, clean, fair gaming
Protect our nonprofits, vote "Yes" on 1.

Ballot Measure 2 Opponent: Ballot measure would affect subsistence lifestyle
As many of us throughout bush Alaska are aware, since the 1996 and 2000 ballot initiatives limiting aerial predator management were passed, moose populations have declined 75 to 80 percent in many areas, largely due to inadequate predator management.

Ballot Measure 2 Proponent: Aircraft use limits for bear, wolf control necessary
A "Yes" vote on Ballot Measure 2 would prohibit the shooting of wolves and grizzly bears from the air or by using a plane to land and shoot, as part of a predator control program, unless the commissioner of Fish and Game determines, based on adequate data, that a biological emergency exists.

Ballot Measure 4 Proponent: 4 is about Pebble Mine; nothing more, nothing less
Ballot Measure 4, "An Act to Protect Alaska's Clean Water," is focused on preventing the certain disaster threatening the world's largest salmon run -- Pebble Mine. Nothing more, nothing less. Its intention is simple: Mining companies cannot destroy salmon spawning streams or discharge mine waste into these streams in amounts exceeding federal and state water quality standards. "Mixing zones" would be prohibited in salmon spawning streams.

Kenai coach to go for 100 wins
Jim Beeson was having second thoughts.

Church Briefs

Garage sale fundraiser begins

Finding a silver lining in life's stormy days
"Look for the silver lining," advises an old song, adding, "There's a silver lining behind every cloud you see."

Bird Homestead Golf Report: Big tournaments approach at Bird
Rain, rain, go away. Hello and welcome once again to the Bird Homestead Golf Course weekly column. The weather has been trying us a bit each day but just when you think you will get wet, the sun appears and it turns into a great round of golf.

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