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Posted: Thursday, August 23, 2001

Attitude of some makes others reluctant to be heard on key issues

"Like trying to stop a half-ton charging brown bear on a slippery slope" has been the citizens' challenge related to the prison-for-profit proposal.

It hasn't been a time to question or suggest -- just get out of the way because it's coming.

Although I've read and listened, I admit to attending only one meeting that was held at the Kenai Senior Center. While I came only to hear others' views and opinions, I was nearly compelled to speak regarding a few assembly members' on-site behavior during public testimony.

A "closed" sign should have been placed in front of them. Or perhaps a "caution" sign for those speakers who might dare to raise a question about effects on our community or, heaven forbid, suggest something as outrageous as a feasibility study.

While the citizens assembled there and the majority of the assembly were respectful, it was disappointing to see a critical public process be denigrated by the attitude of a few. It's easy to see why many people are reluctant to testify.

Of course now, we all have been included in the process, thanks to people willing to risk being downslope from the bear. We will have a safe opportunity to speak at the ballot box and be heard.

Until then, money will be talking loudly. You and I, through our borough bucks, have already granted $200,000-plus for promotion and design. And then there will be the incoming dollars from the South 48.

I trust that the voters will not be content with the hype and slogans, but will take the time to become informed before the Oct. 2 election.

Susan Smalley


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