Kids turning city streets into dangerous playground

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It’s an ironic coincidence, but several days after our Borough Mayor sent residences his letter stating how some citizens blatantly disregard the basics of street hazards and how to correct them, that our neighborhood became inundated with children on bikes, rollerblades, scooters, etc. We usually have five or six children on bikes who use our busy residential streets for their playground. But over the weekend, it seems that several households had company, with children.

Our house sits on a corner lot where I can easily see the intersection. These juveniles seem to think they have the right-of-way, especially in the intersection, and act like vehicles have to stop and wait for them to clear the street. One girl, on rollerblades, refused to move out of the path of a car and when it stopped, she slapped it on the hood and skated off, laughing.

It was only about an hour later, I heard a loud crash and looked out my window to see a vehicle stopped at the intersection, a bike laying down, and a pair of small legs showing underneath the car. I called 911, and the police and ambulance were there in just a few minutes. Fortunately, the EMTs checked the boy out and thankfully found he only suffered cuts and bruises, while the vintage model car also suffered some dents. There were a good dozen children of all ages who had been using the intersection to race, do wheelies, etc., when this all happened. The young boy definitely had his guardian angel with him, as such collisions have proved fatal at times.

My main question is, where are the parents? There were no adults around, even though their children were out flirting with traffic until almost midnight, and only a couple were wearing helmets. Do they expect the whole neighborhood to watch over and take care of their progeny so they don’t have to be bothered?

Secondly, this neighborhood, the Farnsworth subdivision, has recently become “the place” for families with children to move here. What we urgently need are stop signs to control the flow of traffic, especially on E. Cohoe. This street starts near the foothills and has a downward slope. By the time some of these vehicles get to the intersection at Farnsworth, they are really rolling, and there are no stop signs, just yield signs on the streets that cross Cohoe. We neighbors have for several years now appealed to the city for stop signs, but I guess someone will have to be killed before anything is done. I pray that it will not come to such a drastic measure. If this letter will wake up even one parent, maybe writing this will not be in vain.

Mary Duffy,


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