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Posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another soggy weekend; well, most of the weekend anyway! During the brief break from the rain on Saturday, my better half and I enjoyed the company of our granddaughter, Makenna, and grandson, Levi, while taking in the sights at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. While we enjoyed all the exhibits, our favorites were the famous Kenai Peninsula Racing Pigs and the rodeo. Thanks again, Miss Jan Feller, for taking time from your busy schedule and making two little kids very happy with the surprise rides on your sweet brown horse, Dan. They both think we should get a horse, just to have on hand for their entertainment! Wonder how I can explain this one to Dave?

I managed to get out to the Kenai Golf Course on Sunday afternoon along with my better half. A cool, overcast day, it was not even sprinkling when we left the house so we were looking forward to a nice round of golf. By the time we got to the course, it was misting. By the time we finished the front nine, it was pouring. Wouldn’t you know it, all our rain gear was right where we left it last time we used it — hanging in the garage at home!

When we got back to the Pro Shop, I was told that I resembled a drowned Yorkie — thanks, Carol, I owe you for that! I am hoping that was a reference to the very wet, very curly hair. A visiting golfer from Florida sure got a kick out of our bedraggled appearances!

I have to say that, even in the rain, the course looks phenomenal.

Before we started our round, we had a delightful chat with Taylor and Andy, who were visiting the course with their dad, Tommy Carver. They were there to take his new golf cart for a spin and were pretty jazzed about getting to drive it around the parking lot. When we asked if they had been out playing, they informed us that they were too young yet to play golf with their dad at KGC, but could not wait until they were 8! I am not sure who will be more excited when that time comes Tommy or Taylor and Andy!

Could you be the next Match Play Champion? Be sure to sign up for the Match Play Tournament to be held Sept. 11 through 17. For more details contact the Pro Shop at 283-7500.

A Birdie Told Me

Denise Cox won second

place low net in the KGA Tournament on Aug. 13, which just happened to be her very first tournament, and beat her husband straight up! Don Moock had a great birdie on No. 3, but Gordon wants to know how you finished? Cliff Baker, Gordon likes your new rain hat, but he says he wouldn’t wear it! And there is a vicious rumor that someone has accused me and my better half of being fair weather golfers — Gordon, where were you on Sunday? If I wasn’t before, that experience might just be enough to make one of me!

The General Manager’s Report

Enough rain already — we need a steady dose of bright, sunshiny days. Well here it is mid-August and the course is in excellent condition from tee box to greens. The projects we have been working on all year are complete or in their final stages of completion. The beetle kill removal on the back nine is almost complete and the brush is being hauled off to be burned. This process will begin on the front nine early next year. We are in the process of planning new projects for next year and will continue to make every effort to improve the course. Little things sure add up to big improvements in the long run.

I would again like to thank our entire staff for working so hard. Everyone is taking a personal interest in making this course the best it can be. At the beginning of the year, I challenged everyone to improve the course in some way each and every day. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you, Ken Liedes for taking over the Snack Bar and doing such an outstanding job. We look forward to having you back next year. Many thanks to “Aqua Man” Michael Banks for pitching in with the tree limb removal during this period of wet weather. Thanks to Charlie Waguespack for mowing our rough all year. Charlie will finish out the year and will return next year. Thanks again, Charlie, for all your hard work. I want to thank Mr. Dan Young for his hard work and dedication to our course. He is an excellent Marshall; keep up the good work, Dan.

Farewell to Zach Beeson who will be leaving once school starts. Zach will be back with us full time at the beginning of next year. Debbie Duggin is also leaving on Saturday. Thanks, Debbie and Zach, for all your hard work.

Welcome back, Brent Mello. We missed you while you were gone. Brent will resume his duties with the carts and driving range.

In September, a new tournament will be added to our schedule: the Club Match Play Championship, made up of two divisions. The dates will be Sept. 11-17. Division 1 will be for the 0-14 handicappers and Division 2 will be the 15 and above. At the end of division play, the winner of each division will play for the championship. Prizes will be presented to the top three players in each division as well as to the champion. Entry fee is $20 in addition to green fees. We are looking forward to this event. Registration forms will be available soon in the Pro Shop.

If anyone has any ideas for tournaments for next year, please let me know. We are always looking for new and exciting ideas.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Donald Morgan Memorial Golf Tournament will be held. This tournament establishes the club champion and is held in Donny’s honor every year. He loved the course and worked tirelessly for all of us, paying attention to every detail. He always had a nice remark or witty retort for everyone (depending on who he was talking to and what the situation called for!). His kind words and concern will always be remembered. The next time you stand on the tee box on No. 10, or sit on his bench, take a minute to remember — see him standing there waving a dollar challenging you to hit the green. Remember his big smile, his outstretched hand, and his gait as he walked towards you to collect his dollar! But most of all, remember his love for this course and his energy to improve and maintain the course. The next time you stand on the tee box on No. 9, take a minute to look at the tree that is planted there and remember the spirit of the man that we miss. We will continue to dedicate our work to him and to the course that he loved and hope that we can measure up.

We look forward to seeing you on the course and to the Donald Morgan Memorial Tournament this weekend.

— Gordon Griffin

The regular season play for the Kenai Cup action was completed on Aug. 16. Hard to believe it is already over and playoff matches begin today. The teams of Hook & Slice (Lyle Winter/Rich Winter), Big Guys (Richard Martin/Joe Deveaux), G-Men (Jerry Norris/Gary Katsion), Sport’n Woodies (Dave Ramsey/Ed Marsh), Two Duffers (Bruce Galloway/Cliff Vaught), Eagles (Noel Widmayer/Tom Allison), Fore!!! (Beau Forrest/Zack Beeson), and Toads (Todd Eskelin/Dana Bassel) won their matches. Mulligans (Tom Reese/Greg Duggin) tied with Stoned (Dwight Kramer/ Bob Drewes) as did Cliff Squared (Cliff Baker/Cliff Smith) with Bill and Buzz Duffers (Buzz Rome/Andy Anderson).

Firmly entrenched in first place in the Butch Anderson Division are Tom Allison and Noel Widmayer (of “Eagles” fame) while the “Mulligans” team of Tom Reese and Greg Duggin are a mere 1/2 point behind. In the Donny Morgan Division, those “Two Duffers” Jack Evans and Bruce Galloway in first place have galloped away from the second-place team of “Big Guys” Richard Martin and Joe Deveaux. In the 19th Hole Division, “Hook & Slice” team members Lyle Winter and Rich Winter have increased their commanding first-place standing over the second-place “B&B” team of Billy Applewhite and Bill Burtram.

Playoff matches will continue for the next two weeks, ending with the championship and third-place playoff matches on Sept. 6 starting at 6 p.m. The remainder of the Kenai Cup participants will be enjoying a season ending fun tournament at the same time the championship matches are played.

Thank you, Gary Katsion, for your outstanding efforts again this year chairing the Kenai Cup. I am sure all the participants appreciate the hard work and dedication you have shown in organizing and running this event. Thanks, too, for keeping me up to date with results and upcoming matches.

A few of our ladies braved the weather on Thursday. Heather Pedersen won the mystery hole on No. 5 and Nora Satathite won the gross score. Kamichia Spisak won low gross on odd holes.

Men’s Night followed a little later with the winning team of Barry Jackman, Richard Martin, Keith Stasek and Jack Darsey posting 3-under. Felix Martinez won the long drive and closest to the pin on No. 9. Ron Stafford won closest to the pin on No. 5. Don’t forget to join the fun next week for Big Thursday.

Unfortunately, I did not receive any results from the Ferguson Tournament which was held on Saturday. This is a good time to remind those tournament sponsors that we really like to recognize them for their efforts and everyone likes reading their names in the paper (at least in the Golf Columns) so please be sure to turn in results to the Pro Shop.

While our golfing season will start winding down soon, there are still several events to be enjoyed in September, including the KGA-BRGA Dual Tournament to be held at both the Kenai Golf Course and Birch Ridge Golf Course on Sept. 2 and 3 and the KGA Members Only Tournament on Sept. 10. As always, information for any of these tournaments is available in the Pro Shop or by calling the course at 283-7500.

The way this summer has flown by, if you wait too long to get in that round of golf, you may miss your chance! Don’t delay, grab your clubs and head on over to the Kenai Golf Course. I will see you there!

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