President's actions applauded

Posted: Monday, August 23, 2010

One of the reasons we feel OK about violently intervening in Muslim countries is because they don't practice freedom of religion. So aren't we surrendering the moral high-ground by making it hard for New York City Muslims to practice their faith at a proposed site near the former Twin Towers?

Even though it's probably going to cost the entire Democratic ticket many precious votes this fall, I applaud our President for standing up for a tremendously unpopular religious minority whose fringe-members caused such heartache and devastation on 9/11. The fact that President Obama knows that many voters suspect that he's a closet-Muslim demonstrates what a difficult decision this must have been for him.

A President can easily arrange for just about anyone to be killed. On the other hand, it takes much more strength and courage to try to show tolerance, understanding and forgiveness, especially when political profiteers like Sarah Palin are stoking the furnaces of vengeance.

Eric Treider


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