Smith, Cherry score Skyview Invite crowns

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2003

Juliane Smith of Service and Jesse Cherry of Chugiak each pulled away toward the end of their races, taking the individual girls and boys titles, respectively, at the 14th annual Skyview Invitational cross country meet Saturday at Skyview High School.

Both runners used similar strategies: get to the front right away in the 5-kilometer race over Tsalteshi Trails' challenging, hilly course.

Smith used that strategy to hold off Soldotna's Ari Goldstein, who also made a charge for the front of the pack right out of the gate. Smith and Goldstein were neck and neck in the early going until Smith opened up a gap about 3 kilometers into the race.

"I wanted to go out with her, but toward the end of the first lap she pulled away from me," Goldstein said.

"I wanted to get the lead right at the beginning, and I didn't want anyone on my shoulder," Smith said. "(When I pulled away) I didn't know where she was. That made me really nervous."

Smith used that nervous energy to get up the last big hill at the 4-kilometer mark, then cruised down to the finish line in 18 minutes, 57 seconds.

Meanwhile, there was quite a battle going on behind her for second and third. Seward's Whitney Anderson, who battled with Soldotna's Katie Franzmann for third place through the first half of the race, found herself gaining ground on Goldstein over the final kilometer.


Soldotna's Alex Hundertmark (646) runs with others through dusty air near the one-kilometer mark Saturday during the Skyview Invitational.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Anderson said she started her kick late, and Goldstein beat her by a half step at the finish line not bad for someone who said she was running the race just to gain some more experience in her first season of cross country.

"In track, I would always go out in the lead," Anderson said, "but our coach told us to stay back and to get up front in the middle and end of the race."

After Smith pulled away, Goldstein said she just tried to keep her rhythm and stay focused.

"I (ran my personal best) by quite a bit," Goldstein said. "It was a good race, especially for our team. We really found out where our team is going to be for the year, and we're really excited."

The Stars were third in the team standings, behind winner East and runner-up Service. Franzmann finished sixth and Jessica Weimer grabbed 11th place to lead the Stars.

"We just wanted to go out and compete hard," said Rachel McCartan, who finished 27th for the Stars.

"I think we did everything we could have done today," Goldstein said.

Aleta Phelps was the top girls finisher for the Homer Mariners, taking ninth place, and Lauren Baldwin was 25th to lead the Kenai Central girls. Marci Mohler finished 29th for the host Panthers.

In the boys race, Cherry dueled with Dimond's Jeff Quickel through much of the race before pulling away in the last kilometer. Cherry crossed the line in 16:40, Colony's Peter Doner finished second in 16:54, and Quickel took fifth in 17:05.

"I've raced Jeff Quickel a lot," Cherry said. "I knew as long as I was near him, it could have gone either way, but that's where I needed to be to race."

Cherry said he began to pull away on the final hill.

"I might have picked it up a little, but I just tried to keep a steady tempo," Cherry said.

Cherry said the finish was a lot more fun than the race itself.

"During the race, I'm thinking, 'Man, I can't believe I'm doing this,' but after the finish, it's all worth it," Cherry said.

Homer's Monte Garroutte was the top peninsula finisher, taking fifth place.

"I think I gauged it a little better than I did the last couple of years," Garroutte said. "I had a bad history here, taking off too quick. I like to run in the lead, but I can't do that in the big meets. Sometimes I take off too quick and die. Today, I started slower and picked off a few people."

Seward's Matt Adams finished in seventh, and Kenai's Mick Boyle was eighth, though he said he wasn't at his best.

"This is my last race here, and I'm kind of happy I'm not particularly fond of this course and all its hills," Boyle said. "It's still early in the season, and there's still lots of time to train and improve. It was nice to see how everybody was, and see who the competition is going to be and see where they are in their training."

Kenai's Trevor Baldwin rounded out the top 10, and Cook Inlet Academy's Brian Beeson took 11th.

"It was out first meet of the year, so it was just go out there and see what you can do," Beeson said. "I basically did everything I wanted. I ran under 18 minutes, and I stuck with Trevor Baldwin from Kenai. It would have been nice to place (in the top 10) but I'm happy with 11th."

Ryan Walton was Soldotna's top boys finisher, placing 26th, and J.J. Bilby was Skyview's top finisher, crossing the line in 44th place.

14th annual Skyview Invitational

Saturday at Tsalteshi Trails

5 kilometers


Team results: 1. East, 52 points; 2. Service, 76; 3. Soldotna, 87; 4. Dimond, 116; 5. Chugiak, 135; 6. West, 176; 7. Grace, 233; 8. Seward, 258; 9. Colony, 260; 10. Susitna Valley, 276; 11. Bartlett, 281; 12. Homer, 314; 13. Kenai Central, 340; 14. Palmer, 352; 15. Skyview, 382; 16. Nikiski, 445; 17. Houston, 512.

Individual Results 1. Juliane Smith, Ser, 18 minutes, 57 seconds; 2. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 19:22; 3. Whitney Anderson, Sew, 19:23; 4. Leah Besh, Eas, 19:36; 5. Katelyn Stearns, Eas, 19:47; 6. Katie Franzmann, Sol, 19:53; 7. Kendra Kennedy, Ser, 20:18; 8. Brittany Mumma, Chu, 20:37; 9. Aleta Phelps, Hom, 20:54; 10. Liz Quinley, Eas, 20:57; 11. Jessica Weimer, Sol, 21:07; 12. Emma Rea, Wes, 21:11; 13. Hanna Johnson, Ser, 21:14; 14. Chelsea Holmes, Dim, 21:15; 15. Jessica Allman, Eas, 21:19; 16. Alia Parker, Wes, 21:20; 17. Alena Sullivan, Chu, 21:29; 18. Sarah Gollub, Eas, 21:37; 19. Cristina Copus, Bar, 21:38; 20. Megan Martone, Ser, 21:39: 21. Bina Basler, Dim, 21:41; 22. Kelsey Froehlich, Dim, 21:42; 23. Kelsey Hodven, Dim, 21:43; 24. Stephanie Keddington, Eas, 21:44; 25. Lauren Baldwin, Ken, 21:45.

Other peninsula finishers: 27. Rachel McCartan, Sol, 21:49; 29. Marci Mohler, Sky, 21:54; 41. Katy Pankoski, Sol, 22:27; 42. Sierra Williams, Sol, 22:31; 44. Brittany Osland, Sol, 22:33; 48. Alee Rowley, Ken, 22:39; 50. Sarah Hermann, Sew, 22:41; 55. Elena Bird, Ken, 22:56; 64. Jolie Blaser, Sew, 23:13; 65. Anna Clock, Sew, 23:14; 67. Megan Mahan, Hom, 23:19; 69. Melanie Mach, Hom, 23:27; 70. Laura Rooper, Nik, 23:30; 74. Kendra Merkes, Sky, 23:44; 76. Katie Sela, Sew, 23:46; 77. Whitney Hitchcock, Nik, 23:59; 82. Hannah Harrison, Hom, 24:25; 85. Ariel Barker, Sky, 24:35; 87. Erika Klaar, Hom, 24:48; 88. Kristin Vantrease, Hom, 24:49; 90. Angela Doty, Nik, 24:55; 91. Katie Thornton, Sky, 25:00; 92. Sharon Miller, Nik, 25:03; 98. Elso Gaule, Sew, 25:37; 102. Teal Hetrich, Sew, 25:47; 103. Michelle Trumpler, Sky, 25:50; 105. Larissa Cochran, Ken, 25:59; 107. Michelle Oberg, Ken, 26:11; 108. Brittany Sebastain, Sky, 26:15; 111. Amanda Skinner, Sky, 26:46; 116. Ramona Baker, Nik, 29:44.

Team results: 1. Chugiak, 71; 2. Dimond, 93; 3. East, 115; 4. Service, 138; 5. West, 140; 6. Colony, 164; 7. Bartlett, 190; 8. Anchorage Christian Schools, 229; 9. Seward, 237; 10. Grace Christian, 251; 11. Soldotna, 285; 12. Cook Inlet Academy, 300; 13. Palmer, 348; 14. Homer, 357; 15. Wasilla, 393; 16. Nikiski, 490; 17. Houston, 523.

Individual results: 1. Jesse Cherry, Chu, 16:40; 2. Peter Doner, Col, 16:54; 3. Jeff Quickel, Dim, 17:05; 4. Rory Egelus, Pal, 17:20; 5. Monte Garroutte, Hom, 17:24; 6. Justin Singleton, Chu, 17:37; 7. Matt Adams, Sew, 17:38; 8. Mick Boyle, Ken, 17:46; 9. George Brell, Wes, 17:47; 10. Trevor Baldwin, Ken, 17:48; 11. Brian Beeson, CIA, 17:53; 12. Ryan Beckett, Ser, 18:04; 13. John Murphy, Chu, 18:05; 14. Joseph Gugel, Gra, 18:09; 15. Ross Wise, Col, 18:10; 16. Kyle Hall, Wes, 18:11; 17. John Hill, Bar, 18:12; 18. Bill Brooks, Eas, 18:13; 19. Ryan Donahue, Dim, 18:14; 20. Andrew Hennessy, Dim, 18:15; 21. Nathan Wolfe, Eas, 18:16; 22. Paul Mandsager, Ser, 18:18; 23. Dakota Younger, Chu, 18:19; 24. Ryan Pitt, Eas, 18:20; 25. Gareth Bosch, Ser, 18:21.

Other peninsula finishers: 26. Ryan Walton, Sol, 18:23; 27. Tom Blair, Sew, 18:24; 44. J.J. Bilby, Sky, 19:07; 45. Eli Hutchison, Sky, 19:08; 46. Thomas Minelga, Sky, 19:09; 62. Rob Navarro, Sol, 19:30; 63. Alex Hundertmark, Sol, 19:31; 64. Greg Brown, CIA, 19:32; 68. Matthew Blair, Sew, 19:36; 69. Jed McGlasson, Ken, 19:37; 74. Walter Moore, Sew, 19:47; 76. Caleb Chase, Sol, 19:49; 80. Nate Buchanan, Sew, 19:55; 81. David Apperson, Sew, 19:56; 82. Matt Haberman, Sol, 19:57; 84. Mike Farrens, Hom, 19:59; 86. Ben Kellie, Nik, 20:01; 88. Chris Amen, Ken, 20:04; 97. Garrett Hoanin, Hom, 20:33; 98. Colin McArthur, Hom, 20:36; 99. Trapper Alsworth, CIA, 20:44; 100. Morgan Jones, Hom, 21:08; 105. Marcus Brown, CIA, 21:28; 108. Travis Hines, Hom, 21:49; 110. Lance Penhale, Nik, 21:58; 111. Ben Quesnal, Nik, 22:02; 112. Paul Morin, Nik, 22:09; 113. Mike Wicker, Nik, 22:10; 116. Tyler Thornton, Sky, 22:28; 120. Dale Leach, Sky, 23:15.

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