U.S. Consulate General to Dubai visits...

Posted: Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Jason Davis, U.S. Consulate General to Dubai, the country known as the gateway to and from the Middle East and formerly named the United Arab Emirates, says he doesn't remember his life prior to living in Soldotna, "We moved here when I was four from Washington State, and I grew up here, and yes the Middle East is certainly a lot different from Soldotna," says Davis, a Cook Inlet Academy graduate.

Davis admits that he and his friend Emile Crapuchetts, who also graduated from Cook Inlet Academy use to fantasize about growing up and becoming spies or working for the CIA so they could travel the world on secret missions for the U.S. Government. Today Davis's missions are not secret, but he does travel the world on behalf of the U.S. Government. Fluent in Hebrew and Arabic, Davis has served the U.S. Government in a variety of capacities throughout the Middle East including Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Jordon and the Palestinian area. He says that contrary to popular opinion the people in all those areas are warm and welcoming to American visitors, "They might not like our policies of the moment, but they are always very welcoming toward individual Americans, so people who come to visit me are always surprised at how warm and welcoming the people genuinely are," said Davis.

As the head of a U.S. mission in the Middle East, Davis is required to have security as he moves about his business in Dubai, but he says he has never experienced any animosity toward him personally even as the representative of the U.S. Government. As far as peace coming to the area Davis is optimistic as well as realistic, "The question as to when peace will come to the Middle East is beyond my being able to answer right here, but the U.S. Government and the State Department are doing everything we can to promote solutions to the conflicts and to make things better for America's relations with that part of the world and to bring stability, political participation, and democracy to that part of the world, and I believe that is the answer to how peace can be achieved," said Davis. It is possible that Davis will be able to retire in the next 5 to 9 years, and he says he has plans to return to the Kenai Peninsula, "I do hope to retire here and spend time with my family, I don't know that I'll live here year round, but I definitely look forward to spending time in my summer cabin here and being here for Christmas as well," said the Consulate General. Jason Davis is the son of John Davis, owner of the KSRM Radio Group.

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