Practical joke not so funny

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm writing this letter with a little anger and a lot of gratitude.

My husband was injured on the Kenai Spur Highway on July 23. His Honda 90 went out of control when he was traveling around 30 miles per hour. He took a ride in the ambulance to the emergency room. This is where the gratitude comes into play. Thank you all in the ambulance and emergency room for taking such good care of him that night. He had a dislocated shoulder from the accident.

My anger comes when I think about the person that messed with his motorcycle when it was parked at the Eagle Rock boat launch as we were floating down the river that day. Someone decided it would be fun to flatten his tires. I hope they read this and realize they caused a man to go through a lot of pain, an ambulance ride, an evening from vacation in the emergency room and now, after we're home, possible surgery to repair soft tissue tears.

People, please think before you play a practical joke. Could it possibly endanger someone's life? Quite honestly, if he would have landed just a few feet one way or the other, this accident could have been a fatality.

Teach your kids that it's fun to joke around, but use good judgement in the process.

If an adult did this, shame on you. Just think about karma before you do something so stupid next time.

We love the Kenai area and visit it each year. We've never had any kind of trouble like this before.

We'll be back next year and probably use a taxi, since the Honda isn't in the best shape right now either.

Judy Werner

Kelso, Wash.

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