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Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007

During my high school years, a fellow student gained national attention by cutting his two cars in half and joining the front sections back to back. There was no rear seat in this modified Model A Ford; only two front seats and two steering wheels facing opposite directions. Memory allows me to see again the faces of confused and amused onlookers when the celebrated car surgeon sat at one steering wheel with his brother positioned at the other while driving through town in a parade. No one could tell whether they were coming or going.

Too many are like that car; you can't tell which direction they're going. In James 1:8, the Bible calls them "double minded" people who are unstable in all their ways.

In this angry age we are crying for stability in key areas of life.

We need stable family leadership where husbands and wives remember their marriage vows and set an example for their children to do the same; who lead their families in love and in both public and private worship; who believe developing people of faith and consistency is more important than pursuing personal pleasure.

We need stable politicians who are more interested in doing right than in gaining power or getting re-elected; who are people of integrity whether in public service or personal life; who are role models for youth, proving it pays to be honest whatever the cost, consistently choosing patriotism over political payoffs.

We need physicians who are always on the side of life; who are unwilling to change the rules that have developed the greatest medical treatment team on Earth; who fight for lives of their patients from the womb to the tomb.

We need the leadership of ordinary people who are determined to do extraordinary things; who refuse to settle for lives of mediocrity; who choose to get involved rather than to sit idly by when the health, morality and religious freedom of future generations are at stake.

We need stable churches where members are more interested in ministering to the needs of others than in being ministered to; more eager to serve than to be served.

Churches can provide the leadership needed to change the world but this will require a return to basic biblical values. Beautiful buildings and polished programs aren't enough to turn the tide against crime, immorality and violence. This kind of spiritual renewal has only taken place in the past when prayer has been given priority over impressive property and showmanship.

These are big orders, but God is up to the task and ready to work through people of faith who are totally committed to doing his will whatever the cost.

A.W. Tozer, the late author of many Christian classics, wrote: "We can prove our faith by our committal to it and in no other way."

People follow committed leaders who are unwilling to compromise their convictions; who are convinced change is possible and are determined to help bring it about.

Are you willing to be that kind of person?

You can make a difference. Others will follow you ... but only if they can tell which direction you're going.

Roger Campbell is an author, radio broadcaster and newspaper columnist from Waterford, Mich. He was a pastor for 22 years and has been a guest speaker in Alaska churches.

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