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Feeling at home

Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2002

While waiting for some maintenance on the pool to be finished, the Soldotna High swimming and diving team spent the first seven days of its season practicing at Skyview High School.

Saturday, in the Stars' first meet of the season, the team made itself feel right at home at Skyview again.

The Stars won every event in a tri-meet with Kenai Central and Skyview. The girls accumulated 178 points, while Skyview had 64 and Kenai had 45. On the boys side, the Stars put together 118 points, while the Kardinals and Panthers tied for second with 17.

The lopsided scores were no surprise, considering both Kenai and Skyview had just eight swimmers each at the meet. What did surprise SoHi coach Sohail Marey was that a number of his swimmers had personal-best times.

Marey had put his team through a workout on Friday designed to load the body down with lactic acid. It worked, as many swimmers showed up Saturday complaining of sore shoulders and arms.

"I was very surprised with the results," Marey said. "I couldn't believe how many swimmers had their best times.

"It must have been the adrenaline from the first high school meet."

On the girls side, Abby Kiffmeyer, Jenna Syverson and Keely Chavka inched closer to school records.

Kiffmeyer is chasing the school record in the 100-yard backstroke. She won that event, as well as the 100 freestyle. Syverson and Chavka are going after the school record in the 200 freestyle. Syverson edged out Chavka in that event, and Syverson also won the 500 freestyle, while Chavka took home the 100 butterfly.

Also improving their times for the Stars were Lindsay Dudley, Catie Coursen and Sarah Youngren. Youngren won both the 50 free and the 100 breaststroke.

Finally, Marey mentioned that Adrienne Marey, Ashley Brandon and Karina Petersen made strides at the meet. Petersen won the 200 individual medley.

Marey's excitement wasn't limited to the swimmers. He was impressed with the 155.10 points Heidi Biggs put up to win the diving event, and also liked the diving debuts of freshmen Tory Coursen and Jennifer Werth.

The Soldotna boys also had a number of swimmers reach their best times. Clayton Harrison ripped off a time of 1 minute, 5.90 seconds to win the 100 breaststroke, and Leo Grasso set a new personal best in winning the 100 freestyle.

The Stars also got a pair of individual wins from Nick Sorell (200 freestyle and 500 freestyle) and Aladean Marey (100 butterfly and 100 backstroke).

Marey was happy with the varsity debut of Keegan Birchfield, who won the 200 individual medley, and also with Ty Mann-Schweigert, who took the 50 freestyle.

For Kenai and Skyview, the meet was a chance to gain valuable experience.

"This meet is a learning meet, particularly for the new ones coming in," Kenai coach Eleanor Thomson said. "It helped calm a lot of nerves."

Accordingly, Thomson said Ruth McConnell, the lone senior to swim for Kenai Saturday, had a good day. McConnell was third in the 200 individual medley.

Thomson also said freshmen boys Landon Mishler and Luke Baumer did well for their first meets. Mishler was second in the 50 freestyle, while Baumer was second in the 100 breaststroke and third in the 100 freestyle.

Skyview coach Dennis Reger also said his team accomplished its goals at the meet.

"Nobody got disqualified, and nobody looked really bad because they were nervous," Reger said. "That's really what we were shooting for at the first meet. Just go out and have fun."

Reger said a lot of his team was loaded up with four events. Vanessa Williams had to swim some events back-to-back, but still managed to finish third in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke.



Team scores: 1. Soldotna, 178; 2. Skyview, 64; 3. Kenai Central, 45. 200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Soldotna (Youngren, Marey, C. Coursen, Hutto), 2:15.70; 2. Soldotna B, 2:25.47; 3. Skyview, 2:26.61. 200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Jenna Syverson, Sol, 2:04.09; 2. Keely Chavka, 2:08.00; 3. Vanessa Williams, 2:20.74. 200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Karina Petersen, Sol, 2:29.22; 2. Amberlee Query, Sol, 2:34.72; 3. Ruth McConnell, Ken, 2:44.80. 50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Sarah Youngren, Sol, 28.86; 2. Adrienne Marey, Sol, 28.94; 3. Lindsay Dudley, Sol, 29.22. 1-METER DIVING -- 1. Heidi Biggs, Sol, 155.10 points; 2. Tory Coursen, Sol, 96; 3. Jennifer Werth, Sol, 94.35. 100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Keely Chavka, Sol, 1:06.95; 2. Catie Coursen, Sol, 1:13.61; 3. Ashley Risch, Sky, 1:17.15. 100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Abby Kiffmeyer, Sol, 56.24; 2. Lindsay Dudley, Sol, 1:04.91; 3. Amberlee Query, Sol, 1:05.19. 500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Jenna Syverson, Sol, 5:51.86; 2. Karina Petersen, Sol, 6:15.30; 3. Ashley Risch, Sky, 6:33.91. 200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Soldotna (Syverson, Petersen, Chavka, Kiffmeyer), 1:45.47; 2. Soldotna B, 1:57.71; 3. Skyview, 2:05.80. 100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Abby Kiffmeyer, Sol, 1:04.06; 2. Catie Coursen, Sol, 1:11.22; 3. Vanessa Williams, Sky, 1:17.30. 100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Sarah Youngren, Sol, 1:19.35; 2. Adrienne Marey, Sol, 1:24.51; 3. Kristin Siter, Ken, 1:37.13. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Soldotna (Syverson, Petersen, Chavka, Kiffmeyer), 4:00.07; 2. Skyview, 4:48.13; 3. Soldotna B, 4:57.21.

Team scores: 1. Soldotna, 118; 2 (tie). Kenai Central, Skyview, 17. 200 MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Soldotna (Grasso, Harrison, Mann-Schweigert, Sorrell), 1:52.31. 200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Nick Sorrell, Sol, 2:00.17; 2. Leo Grasso, Sol, 2:02.43; 3. Merrick Jackinsky, Sky, 2:28.67. 200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Keegan Birchfield, Sol, 2:40.63; 2. Josh Barsis, Sol, 2:56.39. 50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Ty Mann-Schweigert, Sol, 23.82; 2. Landon Mishler, Ken, 29.74; 3. Ryan Meyers, Sol, 35.45. 100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Aladean Marey, Sol, 59.27; 2. Ty Mann-Schweigert, Sol, 1:02.98. 100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Leo Grasso, Sol, 52.28; 2. Troy Eberline, Sky, 58.82; 3. Luke Baumer, Ken, 1:05.18. 500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Nick Sorrell, Sol, 5:26.33; 2. Clayton Harrison, Sol, 5:48.10. 100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Aladean Marey, Sol, 1:01.13; 2. Troy Eberline, Sky, 1:05.92; 3. Keegan Birchfield, Sol, 1:16.37. 100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Clayton Harrison, Sol, 1:05.90; 2. Luke Baumer, Ken, 1:23.06; 3. Josh Barsis, Sol, 1:24.54. 400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Soldotna (Mann-Schweigert, Marey, Harrison, Sorrell), 3:44.56.

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