Others deserve as much criticism

Posted: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Regarding criticism of Sarah Palin (Clarion letters, Aug. 18), you have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself with words. I would love to have you inform me and some of my friends about your lovely lady, that is Madam Pelosi. She has such a wonderful popularity rating now, I think it is approaching the 10 percent level. My mother taught me, about 70 years ago that it did not do any good to call people names and to tell lies about them. But I think about 50 years ago, the schools lost control of the education system, so we have to now live with what is left. Thank God I will not see what is in the future, but I can only feel extreme sorrow for our grandchildren and all the people who will see what a depression is all about. The depression that I was born into, was nothing compared what the next one will be. There is already about 100 percent more violence and robberies and killings and racism than any time in the last one.

Paul D. Morrison


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