Ninilchik State Fair results announced

Posted: Monday, August 26, 2002

The following are the results of competitions at the Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik Aug. 16-18:

Department Champions

Alisha Odom Thompson, horticulture; Sarin and Cali Warta, flowers; Rebecca Bowser, baked goods; Karen Walker, canned goods; Leslie Gordon, clothing; Lyn Holmes, needlework; Helena Moses, quilting; Finely Bock, ceramics; Heidi Biggs, art; Chris Arnold, photography; Nathan Bagley, woodworking; Alene Byrnes, crafts; Jennie Hargrove, hobbies; Sue Elkins, dolls; Ila Treat, fiber arts; Vanessa and Finely Bock, Alaska Native arts; Arnold Phillips, beer and wine; and Sue Elkin, people's choice.

Lumber Jack

Speed -- Darrell Shay, first; Dusty Fultz, second; and Budy Risingi, third

Accuracy -- Budy Risingi, first; Ted Smith, second; and Darral Langstom, third

Combined champion -- Budy Risingi

River to River Run 2002 Age Category Results

12 and under -- Ashley Bartolwitz, first, 1:08:14

30-49 female -- Kelli Boonstra, first, 44:10; Kristine Moerlin, second, 51:06; Amy McVee, third, 55:22; Tammy Strausbaegh, fourth, 1:03:53; and Heidi Metteer, fifth, 1:04:22.

13-29 Male -- Sean Rivers, first, 33:50; Grant Gephardt, second, 37:27; Micah Mohler, third, 40:53; Vincent Chris Kruzik, fourth, 45:51; Derrick Taugelchee, fifth, 46:07; DJ Foisler, sixth, 51:35; Charles Pullian, seventh, 53:19; Brendan Cuffe, eighth, 53:44; Tony Nakyua, ninth, 1:00:32; Zack Sterling, 10th, 1:09:44; and Jeff Dolifka, 11th, 1:09:51.

13-29 Female -- Amy Lambe, first, 46:06; Melissa Deiman, second, 46:26; Katie Moerlin, third, 46:30; Whitney Leman, fourth, 46:58; Michelle Gruher, fifth, 56:59; Kendra Moerlin, sixth, 53:46; Amy Warfle, seventh, 1:03:18; and Jennifer Bartolwitz, eighth, 1:08:15.

30-49 Male -- Allen Miller, first, 42:20; Steve Dean, second, 45:27; and Rick Wood, third, 50:59.

50+ Over -- Eric Mohler, first, 41:57; Russ Mattison, second, 51:26; and Delores Lindeman, third, 1:06:15.

Steers Conformation

DeAnne Martin, grand champion, and D.J. Foister, reserve.

Steer Showmanship

Tera Schnable, grand champion, and Stephanie Lambe, reserve.

Hog Conformation

David Schuinke, grand champion, and Tatiana Butler, reserve.

Hog Showmanship

Katie Moerlin, grand champion, and Sondra Mize, reserve.

Lamb Conformation

Elizabeth Haberman, grand champion, and Aurora Lambert, reserve.

Lamb Showmanship

Elizabeth Haberman, grand champion, and Kara Bethune, reserve.

Turkey Conformation

Olympia Chambers, grand champion, and Walker Boyle, reserve.

Poultry Showmanship

Elizabeth Haberman, grand champion, and Tatiana Butler, reserve.

Rabbits Conformation

Amber Hall, grand champion, and Chaunce Hoxie, reserve.


Peewee 0-8 -- Jared Duncan, Kasilof , first, 16:62; Jannalynn Emmsley, Anchorage, second, 18:71; John Shirley, Soldotna, third; 20:70; Zach Gray, Eagle River, fourth, 21:53; Dylon Davis, Kenai, fifth, 22:13; Fraya Chay, Kenai, sixth, 23:72; Dylan Williams, Homer, seventh, 37:27; Zach Williams, Homer, eighth, 41:00; Sam Meck, Santa Cruz; ninth, 41:65; Edrick Emmsley, Anchorage, 10th, 46:28; and Liam Promer, Clam Gulch, 11th, 1:11:96.

Men's Senior 18+ -- Shawn Weigle, Soldotna, first, 15:27; Salty Bock, Ninilchik, second, 15:90; Hill Norvell, Ninilchik, third, 19:80; Billy Bock, Ninilchik, fourth, 19:81; Tony Nakjua, Ninilchik, fifth, 22:25; Nick Weigle, Soldotna, sixth, 23:17; John Promer, Clam Gulch, seventh, 23:83; and Steve Ohms, eighth, 27:80.

Women's 18+ -- Whittney Leman, first, 23:90.

Men's Junior 14-17 -- Vince Kruzick, Ninilchik, first, 14:45; Shawn Weigle, Soldotna, second, 15:39; Travis Villa, Soldotna, third, 15:58; Tony Nakjua, Ninilchik, fourth, 15:67; and Caleb Frankie, Soldotna, fifth, 20:94.

Women's Junior 14-17 -- Jessica Thomas, Kenai, first, 17:24; Kylee Weigle, Soldotna, second, 20:82; and Shelley Weigle, Soldotna, third, 26:67.

Men's Youth 9-13 -- Paul Emmsky, Anchorage, first, 15:50; Billy Duncan, Kasilof, second, 16:83; Brad Blossom, Clam Gulch, third, 20:55; Steven Kendrick, Soldotna, fourth, 23:32; Joe Shirley, Soldotna, fifth, 25:25; Boomer Blossom, Clam Gulch, sixth, 32:26; and Ryan Harris, Soldotna, seventh, 34:69.

Women's Youth 9-13 -- Kaile Duncan, Kasilof, first, 54:76.

-- Results submitted by Ninilchik Fair Association

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