Bear talk angers reader

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Once again I must respond to some news I heard yesterday. A bear attacked a fellow near Eagle River. I've lived here on the Kenai Peninsula for 36 years and the bunny huggers and activists from outside Alaska and the federal government are making decisions for us on our Fish and Game laws.

How many people must die or get mauled before the Alaska government says "P--- off" and get rid of some bears, and says "No" to some of these activists that live in New York or Boston.

The rural people of Alaska depend on caribou and moose for their living.

Here's an idea: For every bear mauling, kill an activist and see how long it takes to get some government action. We have way too many bears and wolves in Alaska. The Kenai Peninsula is a good example. Open the season on both. Let the bear viewers go somewhere else, the government (national) wants the bears so the tourists can see them on the roads and spend money up here in Alaska, and on the same hand they're telling us locals that live here to go jump in a lake.

We, as Alaskans, need to tell the activists to get lost. We don't tell New York how to manage their Fish and Game. Why should we have to listen to them? Most of them haven't ever seen a tree let alone a bear.

To all you bear or wolf huggers out there, come to Alaska to my cabin, I'll put some bacon grease on your pants and mostly on your mouth and tie you to a tree. Then I'll sit back and watch the fun.

Steve Croft


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