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Posted: Monday, August 27, 2001

Change of scenery good for those covering Bush

Ah, the poor national media. Some don't like having to spend a month in Crawford, Texas, while President Bush is on ''vacation.''

What a shame. Instead of cavorting with the liberal elite on Martha's Vineyard during the Clinton era, the media are now getting an education in dirt roads and prairie bushes.

Perhaps the media's distaste for Texas is one reason some are making such a big deal out of Bush going on ''vacation'' for a month. If he picked a spot more to their liking, this media-contrived story would probably have never been raised.

First, let's get one thing straight -- Bush is hardly on vacation. When you're the leader of the free world you are only one second away from handling a national or world crisis. ...

Since arriving back in Texas, he made a major address on stem-cell research and has trips outside the state planned this month.

Second, it's best when politicians get out of the self-absorbed world of Washington.

Bush may be on ''vacation'' but the media aren't -- they're being paid to cover the president in Crawford. Perhaps they can earn their pay by going out and doing some reporting and find out what real people think.

For the media, the change of scenery from D.C. will do them good.

-- Pensacola (Fla.) News-Journal

Aug. 20

It's not government's job to encourage marriage

If the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and other such groups believe that this nation is headed for disaster because the institution of marriage is collapsing, they, and not government, should put up the money to encourage couples to marry and stay married.

The Bush administration's point man on family issues, Wade Horn, is reportedly so taken with a Heritage Foundation marriage-encounter proposal that he wants Congress to adopt it. Under the plan, a woman who bears her first child in wedlock and stays married would receive an annual reward of $1,000 in cash for five years.

But using taxpayer dollars to prop up marriages is not the answer. Such a government program would be impossible to monitor.

Would the Bush administration create a special law enforcement unit -- matrimony cops -- to make sure that couples receiving federal dollars are actually living as man and wife?

There are many things the Bush administration can do to foster marriage, especially when there are children involved, but using taxpayer dollars as bribes should not be one of them.

-- Vindicator, Youngstown, Ohio

Aug. 16

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