Kenai Golf Report: Repair all ball marks

Posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The greens are recovering very well from the recent and very important plugging and sanding that is so necessary for greens maintenance. The rain and watering have worked the sand into the greens and they are putting well.

Please remember to repair all ball marks found on greens. Repair all ball marks you see whether you made them or not. There are golfers who have no idea what a ball mark is and have no idea how they kill grass on the greens. There are many ball marks that are left on the greens and each unrepaired ball mark damages the greens.

Don Morgan Championship

Get your applications in for the tournament by noon Friday. Play will be Saturday and Sunday with tee times assigned. Applications went out in the mail and are also in the clubhouse.

The format is a two-day, 36-hole handicapped stroke play with men's and women's flights. The individual overall low gross men's and women's champion may be from any flight.

It has been two years since Don Morgan's passing. Golfers miss seeing Donnie on his favorite big green tractor mowing the fairways. Golfers can still picture his big grin as he stirred his daily ice tea while he took his mowing break. Golfers recall how he stood with arms folded by the barn and challenged those on the 10th tee to "hit the green."

Many golfers remember the look on Donnie's face as he walked into the clubhouse, dripping wet, on that day Donnie had bailed off the tractor into the pond to keep the tractor from going in.

Yours truly remembers the day Donnie said, "Who parked that gray truck on the hill next to the barn?"

"What truck? What hill?" yours truly yelled, as I looked over to see my gray truck that I had obviously left in park had rolled over the hill, gone through the wooden fence and was resting next to a birch tree. It had to be towed out.

Men's Night

The weekly men's scramble winners with 1-under included Gary Katsion, Ron Stafford and Cal Larson. In second place was the team of Rich Conti, Cliff Baker and Jeff Johns. The third-place team included Steve Payment, Kyle Hall and Bob Ferrell.

The long driver for the week was Owen Brewer on No. 6. Closest to No. 7 was Dana Bassel with 44 inches.

Senior moments

Had heard about "senior moments" and always enjoyed the humor in them. Lately, it seems a book could be written about such episodes yours truly has experienced firsthand.

What about spending a wonderful day actively working and playing and at the end of the day, to your surprise, you find two wristwatches on the same wrist?

What about playing in a tournament and driving to the next tee to find the cart you have driven belongs to the foursome playing behind you? Well, it's possible on No. 4 with the blocked off cart area.

What about making a comment about a notorious single-digit handicap Kenai Golf Course golfer, well-known for leaving clubs out on the course; then at the No. 18 green after much deliberation about which club to use, you find you've left both choices sitting back at the No. 17 green? In a case like this, you pretend all is well and quietly use another club so no one finds out you had such a senior moment. Hoping, of course, the golfers who pick up your clubs are from out of town!

What about a brand-new sleeve of balls you have saved for a special day? On tournament day you warm up on the putting green and find yourself visualizing how well those "special" balls perform. You visit with other golfers also warming up and then your tee time is announced.

Just when you are ready to tee off, you realize you left those "special" balls on another cart back at the practice green. So, you grab the first ball you can get your hands on in your bag to not slow up the play and take a swing at that slightly used and scuffed ball and get it out on the fairway. Of course, it is not what you visualized back at the practice green. Yours truly hopes whoever found those brand-new Precepts enjoyed them as much as I had planned to that day.

Employee Tournament

The annual Kenai Golf Course employee tourney took place recently. It is always fun, especially watching the grounds crew play. Most of the crew spends time on the course on a tractor or mower, with a weed wacker or using a chain saw. They work hard keeping the course in shape for the golfers. The format was a three-person, nine-hole scramble. Each team had an A player on it. Ronnie Kier, Doug Swaby, Brian Ehlers and Matt Matarrese made up a team. Bill Engberg, Carol Morgan and Tyler Morris were on a team. Mark Matarrese, Maia Matarrese and Gordon Griffin were on a team. Ken Liedes, Josh Lansing and Rita Botelho were on a team. The first-place team, with 5-under, included Ken Liedes, Josh Lansing and yours truly.

Moose Run Pro Am

A team of four amateurs and one pro from Kenai won a recent tournament at Moose Run. The format used was a best-ball Stableford system. So many points are recorded for each birdie, par, bogey or double bogey.

Placing first over eight other teams with a score of 53 were Ken Liedes, Karl Liedes, Carol Morgan, Doug Haralson and Bill Engberg. The second-place team had 51 points.

Closing thoughts

The season is winding down. It happens too fast. However, there are several tournaments yet to be played. The Don Morgan Fall Classic, the Kenai/Birch Ridge Tournament, a Last Chance Partners Tournament on Sept. 20 and the Glow Ball Tourney are all in the planning.

The golf course is playing well and in wonderful shape.

Check out for all sorts of golf information and much more.

See you on the practice green.

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