Reader: Vote 'No' on propositions

Posted: Monday, August 27, 2007

There are two propositions on the October ballot to limit terms of office of school board and Kenai Borough Assembly members. I will be voting "No" on both issues.

Because of the disappointment and disgust of various state and federal legislators, some voters are prepared to take out their rage on the local level and this is simply not smart. School board and assembly members are civic-minded, dedicated, overworked and receive very few benefits and fewer compliments for the time spent and work done.

Do I agree with them at all times? No, of course not. But a difference of opinion on certain matters is no reason to limit them and also to limit our choices for office.

ACT would object greatly if I insisted on limiting their voting rights and rightly so, but that is exactly what they are attempting to limit our choices.

If ACT wants to do something productive, maybe they could start and run a "get out the vote" campaign, but leave my voting rights alone.

I urge you to vote "No" on both of these propositions and any other that takes your right to vote your choice away.

Remember, a much better solution is to vote them out of office if you see fit, not allow a small group of disgruntled voters to take your rights away.

Hal Rohlman


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