Many readers interested in missing dog's fate

Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2009

I would just like to know if the dog, that was adopted from the Kenai dog pound, has been returned to the Katzenbergers. We just lost our dog that we had had for 18 years and I can understand how they feel. How sad to loose two of your family pets at one time. I hope that the people that adopted "Bear" will return him to his real family and they find another dog. I can not understand why the people that adopted Bear have not returned him by now. This is very unfair to the Katzenbergers and to Bear. Please please give them back thier pet.

Vickie Aber


I commend the new owners of Bear, the 15-year-old husky mix dog, that was adopted from the Kenai Animal Shelter for opening their home to an older pet.

Our family adopted a dog from the Kenai Animal Shelter that was judged to be approximately 10 years old. He gave us much love, laughter, and great memories. He passed away about one month ago at the approximate age of 22 years.

I, however, cannot commend the new owners for not returning Bear to his original family. Lucy and Louie Katzenberger did not give Bear up for adoption. He got lost while in the process of grieving for his deceased partner. The shelter has notified the new owners that Bear's original family want him back and it was reported that the adoptive family needs to "pray about it."

I hope the people that have Bear are reading this. As obvious people of faith you know that stealing is a sin. Now that you have been made aware that Bear's family has searched and begged for his return you need to do what is morally and ethically right and return him to his true family.

I'm sure you've already fallen in love with Bear so giving him back will be a true act of love. Please let Bear live the rest of his life with the only family he really knows and loves. Do it for Bear.

Denise Cox


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