4-H Club fair results

Posted: Monday, August 28, 2000

The following are the winners of the 4-H entries in the Kenai Peninsula State Fair in Ninilchik. The key is as follows:

CB: Clover Bud Ribbon

C: Champion

RC: Reserve Champion

OC: Overall Champion

ROC: Reserve Overall Champion

Purple: Excellence

Best of Show

Round Robin Showmanship

Blue, Red, White

Rachel Beatty: Black Female Cavy-Blue, Black/white Male Cavy-Red, Brown/Red Female Cavy-Blue, Albino Male Cavy-Blue, Sable Female Ferret-Purple-Blue, Sable Ferret Showmanship-Purple-Blue, Black Cavy Showmanship-Blue-RC-ROC, Poetry/Short Story-Blue-C-OC, Woodcraft-Dollhouse-Blue, Water Color Pencil Painting-Blue.

Kara Bethune: Doe over 8 months-Red, Jr. Rabbit Showmanship-Blue, Horse Educational Display-Blue,

Bethune Tyler; Pullet-Mixed Breed-Blue, Jr. Poultry Showmanship-Red, Rocket Display Ed-Blue, Snake Educational Display-Red.

Walker Boyle: Educational Display-Red, Pet Rat-Blue, Global Money Collection-Purple-Blue-C, Cultivated Grasses Cat Tails-Blue.

Tatiana Butler: Hog Gilt-Purple-Blue-C, Swine Showmanship-Blue, Guinea Pig-Purple-Blue-C-OC, Guinea Pig Female Long Hair-Red, Bantam Chicken Japanese-Blue, Bantam Chicken-Blue, Bantam Chicken-Blue, Intermediate Poultry Showmanship-Red, Sugar Peas-Blue-C-RC-Best of Show, Kohlrabi-Red, Raspberries-Red, Gooseberries-Blue, Black Currents-Red, Teddy Bear-Blue, Oil Painting-Purple-Blue-C-OC, Acrylic-Purple-Blue-RC-ROC, Fireweed Honey-Red, Drop Cookies-Red, Educational Display-Blue.

Heidi Dempster: Long White Fleece-Red, Grey Med-Red, Breeding Ewe-Purple-Blue, Intermediate Sheep Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Beef-Blue, Intermediate Beef Showmanship-Purple-Blue, Meat Pen 3-fryers-Blue-RC, Intermediate Poultry Showmanship-White.

Maria Dempster: Med Dark Brn/Black Fiber-Red, Livestock Educational Display-Red, Mkt Beef-Purple-Blue, Intermediate Beef Showmanship-Blue-C-ROC, Yearling Ewe-Blue, Intermediate Sheep Showmanship-Blue.

Habermann Elisabeth, Mkt Lamb-Purple-Blue-C, Intermediate Sheep Showmanship-Blue-RC, Mkt Lamb-Purple-Blue, Mkt Turkey-Blue-C, Mkt Turkey-Blue, Intermediate Poultry Showmanship-Blue-C-OC, Hen Turkey Showmanship-Blue, Small Stock Round Robin Showmanship-C, Educational Display-Sheep Facts-Blue, Felt Hat- Blue, Natural Medium Fleece-Red, Natural Long Fleece-Blue-C, White Fine Fleece-White, Lads & Lassies Lead Intermediate-C, Ram Lamb-Blue-C, Ewe Lamb-Blue, Yearling Lamb-Blue-C, Mature Ewe-Blue-C, Ewe Lamb-Red, Wool Class-Purple-Blue, Rhubarb-Blue, Pound Cake-Blue-RC, Dress-Blue-B-RC-ROC.

Elisabeth Habermann: Longest Staple-C.

Matthew Habermann: Mkt Hog-Blue, Showmanship-Red, Gilt-Red, Educational Display-Blue.

Chaunce Hoxie: Mkt Lamb-Red, Sheep Showmanship-Blue, Leadership Educational Poster-Blue, Archery Educational Poster-Red, Sheep Educational Display-Blue, Mkt Rabbit-Blue, Fur Rabbit-Red, Cavy-Red, Jr. Rabbit Showmanship-Red, Cavy Showmanship-Red, White Med Fiber-Blue-RC, White Med Fiber-White, White Med Fiber-White, English Muffins-Red, Pancakes-Red, Choc Chip Cookies-Red, Fudge-Red, Apple Pie-Red, Corn Bread-Red, Cacti-Blue, Collection of Herbs-Red, Celery-Red, Rhubarb-Red, Leathercraft-Keychain-Blue.

Morgan Hoxie: Rooster-Blue, Sr. Doe-Blue-RC-ROC, Mkt Rabbit-Blue, Satin Fur-Blue, Cavy-Blue-RC-ROC, Cavy-Blue, Mkt Lamb-Boster-Red, Sheep showmanship-Blue-C, Ewe-Jasmine-Blue-RC, Educational -Red, Educational Display-Leadership-Red, Intermediate Rabbit Showmanship-Blue-C-ROC, Intermediate. Cavy Showmanship-Blue-C-OC, Round Robin Small Stock-RC, Intermediate. Poultry Showmanship-Red, White Med Fiber-Red, White Med Fiber-White, White Med Fiber-White, Potato Donuts-White, Fudge-Red, English Muffins-Red, Cheese Bread-Red, Brownies-Red, Brick Cheese-Red, Shirt-Red, Leathercraft Coin Purse-Blue, Jade Plant-Red, Cacti-Blue, Christmas Cacti-Blue, Christmas Cacti-Blue, Collection of Herbs-Red, Rhubarb-Red Squaw Hitch Pencil-Blue, Cheyenne Colored Pencil-Blue, Armored Pegusus Pen-Blue, Bucking Bronc Pencil-Blue, Shying Bronc Pencil-Blue, Training Finish Pencil-Blue.

Chelsea Kime: Clover Honey-Blue-C, Mayo Pig Jar-Blue-C.

Heather Kurka: Calligraphy-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Tigatuer Tril, Unicorn Anor-Blue, Phoenix Solius-Blue, Gematuer Nada-Blue, Gryphon Gart-Blue, Japan Anime Person-Blue.

Kimberly Kurzendoerfer: Single Ply-Sheltie-Blue, Single Ply-Lab-Blue, Single Ply-Wool-Blue, Felted Hat-blue.

Kurzendoerfer Natalie, Quilt-Lap-Cloverbud Ribbon.

Amy Lambe: Mkt Beef-Purple-Blue-C, Steer Showmanship-Blue-C-Round Robin Showmanship Champion.

Stephanie Lambe: Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Intermediate Showmanship-Blue-RC, Gilt 5-12 Mos-Purple-Blue.

Lawrence Robin, Hand Built Ceramics-Pot-Blue, Pen & Ink Drawing-Blue, Mixed Media Figure Drawing-Blue, Creative Writing-Historical Fiction-Blue.

Wade Lawrence: Handbuilt Ceramics Small Bowl-Blue.

Kay Lytle: Fleece-Blue-RC.Mini Rex Buck-Blue, Showmanship-Blue-RC, Bantam Feather Legs-Blue, Showmanship-Red, Ewe Wool Breed-Purple-Blue-C, Showmanship Jr.-Blue, Wool Sheep-Blue-C, Lads and Lassie Leads-RC, Dog Obedience-Blue.

Moira Mills: Mkt Tom Turkey-Blue, Sr. Poultry Showmanship-Blue-C-ROC, Mkt Lamb-Blue, Sr. Sheep Showmanship-Blue-RC-ROC, Long White Fleece Hoggett-White, Long White Fleece Ram-Blue-C, Fine White Fleece Annie-Blue; Heaviest Fleece-C.

Sondra Mize: Mkt Lamb-Blue, Mkt Lamb-Blue, Breeding Ewe-Blue-C, Sr. Sheep Showmanship-Blue-C-OC, Medium Natural Wool-White, Medium Fine Hoggett Fleece-Red, Natural Long-Blue.

Janelle Moerlein: Mkt Hog-Blue, Sr. Swine Showmanship-Red.

Katie Moerlein: Mkt Beef-Blue, Intermediate Beef Showmanship-Blue.

Kendra Moerlein: Quilt-Blue-C-Best of Show.

Lauren Olendorff: Candy-Blue, Dress-Blue-C.

Stephen Olendorff: Sr. Buck Conformation-Blue-C-OC, Intermediate. Rabbit Showmanship-Blue-RC, Mkt Meat Goose-Purple-Blue, Mkt Meat Pen Goose-Purple-Blue, Gander Blue-C, Goose-Blue-RC, Intermediate. Poultry Showmanship-Red, Educational Display-Geese-Blue-C.

Valerie Olson: Hooked Rug-Blue.

David Osmar: Mkt Lamb-Purple-Blue-RC, Showmanship-Blue-C.

Nicole Osmar: Mkt Lamb-Purple-Blue, Intermediate Sheep Showmanship-Blue.

Jennifer Poindexter: Educational Display-Blue, Mkt Steer-Purple-Blue-RC, Reindeer-Blue-C, Steer Showmanship-Purple-Blue-Reserve Champion Round Robin Showmanship, Reindeer Showmanship-Blue-C.

Mala Presley: Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue-RC, Intermediate Showmanship-Red, Barrow/PB-Red.

Jayme Ragland: Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Guilt 5-12 Mos-Purple-Blue, Swine Showmanship-Blue-C-OC, Fancy Sweet Bread-Blue-C-ROC.

Sarah Ragland: Swine-Purple-Blue, Swine Showmanship-Blue-C-ROC, Gilt 5-12 Mos-Purple-Blue, Sweet Bread-Blue-C-OC, Moose Jerky-Blue.

David Schwenke: Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Intermediate Swine Showmanship-Red.

Tinei Schwenke: Pencil Drawing-Blue, Pencil Drawing-Blue, Pencil Drawing-Blue, Pencil Drawing-Blue, Painting-Watercolor-Blue, Scrunchies-Blue, Beeswax Candles-Blue, Hemp Jewelry-Blue, Handmade Beads-Blue, Sr. Doe over 8 Mos-Blue, Jr. Rabbit Showmanship-Blue-C-OC, Meat pen 3-Fryers-Red, Pullet Chicken-Red, Jr. Poultry Showmanship-Blue.

Alysha Shaginoff: Muslin Bunny w/blanket-Cloverbud.

Melissa Shaginoff: Pencil Drawing-Blue.

Rebekah Tempel: Mkt Hog-Red, Intermediate Swine Showmanship-Red.

Josh Tempel: Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Sr. Swine Showmanship-Blue.

Alexia Tindal: Educational Display-Blue.

Andrew Tindal: Educational Display-Archery-Blue, Hog-Blue, Swine Showmanship-Blue.

Zak Tindal: Clowning. Educational Display-Red.

Ancel Ware: Karate Educational Display-Red.

Callie Ware: Karate Educational Display-Red.

Frieda Ware: Karate Educational Display-Red.

Hannah Watkins: Cauliflower-Blue Potatoes-Red Carrots-Red, Bathrobe-Blue-RC, Doll Quilt-Blue, Muslin Bunny-Blue, Oil Painting-Blue-C, Acrylic Painting-Blue-RC, Pastel-Blue, Handbuilt Ceramics-Pot-Blue, Hand Built Ceramics-Skeeter House-Blue, Batik Alligator-Blue, Birdhouse-Blue, Glass Box Etching-Blue, Tile Textured Goldfish-Blue, Junk Art Mirror-Blue, Biscotti-Blue-RC, Magic Cookie Bar-Blue.

James Watkins: Peanut Butter Cookies-Cloverbud Ribbon.

Molly Watkins: Cauliflower-Blue, Broccoli, Potatoes-Red, Swiss Chard-Blue, Coil Pot-Blue, Slab Soap Dish-Blue, Slab Skeeter House-Blue, Banana Bread-Blue, Chocolate Walnut Fudge-Red, Doll Quilt-Blue, Muslin Bunny-Blue, Stuffed Toy-Monkey-Blue, Batik-Blue, Birdhouse-Blue, Glass Etching-Blue, Tile-Blue-RC, Dough Art Penguin-Blue, Junk Art Mirror-Blue, Butterfly Pillow-Blue.

Angeleah Wood: Mkt Goat-Blue, Jr. Goat Showmanship-Blue-C, , Educational Display-Goat Info-Blue-C, Yearling Llama-Blue-C, Llama Showmanship-Purple-Blue, Lads and Lassie Leads-Blue.

Particpants in the 4-H Talent Show: Sondra Mize, Kay Lytle, Rebekah Temple, Jennifer Poindexter, Mallory Bose and Walker Boyle.

4-H Horse Show ResultsP>

Showmanship Advanced: Janelle Moerlein-Red, Rochelle Stretch-Red, Amy Lambe-Red.

Showmanship Intermediate: Elisabeth Habermann-Blue-RC, Aurora Lambert-White, Kaitlin Vadla-Blue, Morgan Hoxie-Red, Stephanie Lambe-Blue-Purple-C, Annie Tremaine-Red, Andy Tindal-White, Chaunce Hoxie-Red, Nyssa Baechler-Blue.

Showmanship Beginner: Kara Bethune-Red, Jennifer Murray-White, Courtney Schnabl-White, Lindsay Schnabl-Red, Alexia Tindal-White, Krista Michels-Red, Tera Schnabl-Red.

Bareback Advanced: Rochelle Stretch-Blue, Janelle Moerlein-Red, Amy Lambe-Blue-Purple.

Bareback Intermediate: Kaitlin Vadla-Blue, Aurora Lambert-Red, Elisabeth Habermann-Blue, Morgan Hoxie-Red, Stephanie Lambe-Blue, Annie Tremaine-Red, Chaunce Hoxie-White.

Bareback Beginner: Courtney Schnabl-Blue, Kara Bethune-Blue, Alexia Tindal-Red, Andy Tindal-Red, Tera Schnabl-Red.

Huntseat Eq Intermediate: Annie Tremaine-Red, Stephanie Lambe-Blue, Elisabeth Habermann-Blue, Amy Lambe-Blue, Janelle Moerlein-Red, Rochelle Stretch-Blue, Nyssa Baechler-Blue.

Huntseat Eq Beginner: Kaitlin Vadla-Blue, Kara Bethune-Red.

Hunter Over Fences, Intermediate: Rochelle Stretch-Blue-Purple, Elisabeth Habermann-Red, Nyssa Baechler-Red.

Hunter Over Fences Beginner: Annie Tremaine-White, Kaitlin Vadla-White, Amy Lambe-White, Stephanie Lambe-Red, Janelle Moerlein-Red.

Trail Advanced: Amy Lambe-Red, Rochelle Stretch-Blue-Purple.

Trail Intermediate: Stephanie Lambe-Red, Annie Tremaine-Blue, Elisabeth Habermann-Red, Nyssa Baechler-Red, Courtney Schnabl-Blue-Purple-Grand Champion, Kaitlin Vadla-Blue.

Trail Beginner: Aurora Lambert-White, Morgan Hoxie-Blue, Jennifer Murray-White, Kara Bethune-Blue-Purple, Alexia Tindal-Blue, Chaunce Hoxie-Red, Andy Tindal-Blue, Krista Michels-White, Tera Schnabl-Red, Lindsay Schnabl-White.

Stockseat Advanced: Amy Lambe-Blue, Janelle Moerlein-Blue.

Stockseat Intermediate: Kaitlin Vadla-Red, Morgan Hoxie-White, Stephanie Lambe-Blue, Aurora Lambert-White, Jennifer Murray-Red, Krista Michels-Red.

Stockseat Beginner: Lindsay Schnabl-Blue, Alexia Tindal-Red, Andy Tindal-Red, Tera Schnabl-Blue, Chaunce Hoxie-Blue, Nyssa Baechler-Blue, Courtney Schnabl-Blue.

Parents Horsemanship; Katy Bethune-Blue, John Hoxie-Blue. Dawn Hoxie-Blue, Annie Lambert-Blue, Lisa Tremaine-Blue, Cindy Schnabl-Blue, Vicki Quance-Blue

Barrels (results listed in seconds): Aurora Lambert-27.9, Stephanie Lambe-22.7, Courtney Schnabl-25, Kaitlin Vadla-31.1, Morgan Hoxie-25.3, Lindsay Schnabl-28, Alexia Tindal-28.6, Rochelle Stretch-21.4, Annie Tremaine-24.6, Chaunce Hoxie-31.6, Andy Tindal-28.2, Amy Lambe-21.1, Janelle Moerlien-25.2, Tera Schnabl-26.5, Nyssa Baechler-28.5, Kara Bethune-34.9.

Poles (results listed in seconds): Stephanie Lambe-30.8, Kara Bethune-43.6, Chaunce Hoxie-38.8, Aurora Lambert-39.9, Courtney Schnabl-35.4, Kaitlin Vadla-34, Morgan Hoxie-33.9, Tera Schnabl-40.2, Rochelle Stretch-30.5, Annie Tremaine-40.0, Alexia Tindal-40.2, Lindsay Schnabl-35.8.

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