Ten Commandments provide Western civilization's foundation

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2003

I am very angry at those who are trying to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building in Alabama.

Western civilization is based on the Judeo-Christian culture. The Ten Commandments are the basis of our laws and culture; in fact of all Western civilization.

Separation of state and church does not mean that atheism is the official religion of the country. What it means is that all religions are equal.

When our country was founded, every country in Europe had an official state religion. If a citizen did not follow the dictates of the official state religion he was frequently punished. In all cases, whether he was punished or not, he had to support the official state religion with his taxes.

The early settlers to our country did not want this. They wanted all to be able to have the religion of their choice. Any reading of the Declaration of Independence, however, shows clearly that the authors believed in God. The word "Creator" is plainly mentioned.

Possibly getting back to the Ten Command-ments would be a good way to stop all the violence in schools and society in general. The Ten Commandments are not easy to follow. Probably, except for the commandment on murder, we have all broken all the commandments. This does not, however, make anything wrong with the Ten Commandments. It just means that we are not perfect, but keeping the Ten Com-mandments should be the goal.

Esther Rhines


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