Goldstein, Cherry still dominant

Posted: Sunday, August 29, 2004

The first big meet of the high school cross country season is a chance for runners to check out the competition and find out just where they rank with athletes from around the state.

For Soldotna's Ari Goldstein, the result was impressive: The defending state 4A champion pulled away from the field to win the Skyview Invitational by a 44-second margin, completing the 5-kilometer Tsalteshi Trails course in 19 minutes, 13 seconds.

Jesse Cherry, the defending boys 4A state champion, took the boys race, separating himself from his closest pursuers to win in 16:12.

"Coach (Mark Devenney) wanted me to run a good hard pace," Goldstein said following her win. "This is where state's going to be, and we wanted to get a feel for the course."

Goldstein took her place at the front of the pack from the start, dropping the lone runner who attempted to stick with her, West's Shoshana Keegan, halfway up the Angle Hill near the start of the race.

After that, Goldstein was running all alone. She had a 30-second lead halfway through the race and extended that margin on her second lap.

"It's a whole different kind of race," Goldstein said of being so far in front. "You just have to stay mentally focused."

Goldstein said that when she began to lose focus, she thought about her team.

"I just tried to keep my focus and run for our team," Goldstein said. "We're just focused on our team out here. That's what we're running for."

While Goldstein was out in front, teammate Katie Franzmann had plenty of competition to keep her focused as she battled for second place. Franzmann was able to pull away from East's Teraoka Minato to finish as the runner up in 19:57.

The Thunderbirds, however, placed four runners in the top 10 to beat out the Stars in the team competition. East finished with 41 team points to Soldotna's 101.

Franzmann said her race strategy was to go out with the second pack of runners, and she was able to stick to her plan throughout the race.

Franzmann said it was good to get a look at teams from around the state.

"You never know what to expect in the first race of the season. You don't know if there are any new people it always kind of makes you nervous," Franzmann said.

Kenai's Lauren Baldwin provided the next best finish by a peninsula runner, crossing the line in 13th place in 21:16.

"I just wanted to stay with the leaders," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said that she had trouble staying up front to start the season, but is improving.

"As the season goes on, I'll get better," Baldwin said. "I'm hoping I'll be able to (stay with the leaders) at the end of the year."

Kenai's Elena Bird was 22nd, and Soldotna's Katy Pankoski and Rachel McCartan were 23rd and 24th, respectively.


Boys hit the first hill at the start of the Skyview Invite Saturday.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Michaela Hutchison was Skyview's top finisher in 32nd place, Melanie Mach paced Homer with a 38th-place finish, and Laura Rooper was 47th to lead Nikiski. Anna Clock was the top Seward finisher with a 56th-place finish.

Cherry pushed the pace of the boys race despite feeling sick from a cold prior to the start.

"I tried to put it out of my head," Cherry said. "I was hurting, thinking, 'I can't go on, they're going to catch me, I'm going to die.'

"I tried to think about my form anything to keep my mind off feeling bad."

Cherry said he pushed himself over the last couple hundred meters as he heard fans yelling, "Peter (Doner, of Colony) catch him!"

Cherry said he thought Doner was closing in on him, but actually, Doner was battling for second place with Seward's Matt Adams. Doner pulled ahead of Adams in the final stretch, taking second place 14 seconds behind Cherry and six seconds ahead of Adams.

"It's nice when all the 4A and 3A schools get together and you get to see everybody that way," said Adams, who was pleased with his performance. "I lost it at the end. I burnt myself out too quick (at the start of the race)."

Adams said he wanted to stay in the top 10 to start the race and work his way up from there.

"It was a good race, good competition. Really fast," Adams said.

Kenai's Trevor Baldwin finished fifth, edged at the line by Chugiak's John Murphy. Brian Beeson of Cook Inlet Academy was seventh.

"I had a nice little pack with me," said Baldwin, referring to the group of runners trying to chase down Cherry, Doner and Adams. "It tired me out battling for position, but I went for it at the end."

Baldwin said he didn't see Murphy until the Chugiak runner had a step on him, by which time it was too late for Baldwin to find another gear.

Beeson also was pulled along by that group of runners and was pleased to earn a ribbon in his senior year.

"Last year I got 11th and I was looking to place this year. I didn't want to be left out," Beeson said. "God gave me so much strength just to go out there and compete today."

Patrick Lybrand posted Soldotna's top finish, taking 13th in 17:50, and Elliott Gauthier was the top Skyview runner, taking 29th in 18:18.

Dimond won the boys team competition with 83 points to 132 for West. Seward was the top peninsula team, taking seventh with 201 points.

2004 Skyview Invitational

Saturday at Tsalteshi Trails


Team results 1. East, 41; 2. Soldotna, 101; 3. Service, 102; 4. South, 121; 5. Dimond, 134; 6. Chugiak, 139; 7. Grace, 185; 8. West, 206; 9. Palmer, 222; 10. Susitna Valley, 255; 11. Skyview, 291; 12. Kodiak, 303; 13. Homer, 315; 14. Colony, 339; 15. Anchorage Christian, 341; 16. Bethel, 342; 17. Wasilla, 354; 18. Bartlett, 406; 19. Kotzebue, 442.

Individual finishers 1. Ari Goldstein, Sol, 19 minutes, 13 seconds; 2. Katie Franzmann, Sol, 19:57; 3. Teraoka Minato, East, 20:09; 4. Kendra Kennedy, Ser, 20:15; 5. Casey Martinez, Gra, 20:17; 6. Ariel Roelle, Eas, 20:30; 7. Shoshana Keegan, Wes, 20:40; 8. Jaime Bronga, Eas, 20:42; 9. Chelsea Holmes, Dim, 20:50; 10. Hannah Kreilkamp, Eas, 20:59; 11. Jackie Holt, Ser, 21:03; 12. Sarah Martinez, Gra, 21:13; 13. Lauren Baldwin, Ken, 21:16; 14. Megan Martone, Sou, 21:20; 15. Sarah Gollub, Eas, 21:21; 16. Emma Coleman, Eas, 21:22; 17. Erin Diel, Sou, 21:26; 18. Sara Juback, Chu, 21:39; 19. Hannah Johnson, Ser, 21:42; 20. Samantha Rink, Chu, 21:44; 21. Kayti Krepel, SuV, 21:44; 22. Elena Bird, Ken, 21:45; 23. Katy Pankoski, Sol, 21:49; 24. Rachel McCartan, Sol, 21:50; 25. Suzanna Caldwell, Was, 21:53.

Other peninsula finishers 32. Michaela Hutchison, Sky, 22:04; 35. Alee Rowley, Ken, 22:15; 38. Melanie Mach, Hom, 22:18; 42. Ariel Barker, Sky, 22:30; 47. Laura Rooper, Nik, 22:37; 56. Anna Clock, Sew, 22:49; 64. Kendra Merkes, Sky, 23:05; 65. Sarah Glaser, Sew, 23:05; 75. Brittany Osland, Sol, 23:26; 76. Thorey Munro, Hom, 23:27; 87. Whitney Hitchcock, Nik, 23:49; 91. Julie Seneff, Hom, 23:59; 96. Monica Peters, Hom, 24:10; 107. Samantha Halpin, Hom, 24:56; 110. Hannah Harrison, Hom, 25:08; 117. Jamie Miller, Sky, 25:28; 118. Michelle Oberg, Ken, 25:36; 122. Sasha Anderson, Sky, 25:51.

Team results 1. Dimond, 83; 2. West, 132; 3. East, 136; 4. Anchorage Christian, 173; 5. Kodiak, 174; 6. Chugiak, 194; 7. Seward, 201; 8. Colony, 228; 9. Palmer, 249; 10. Grace, 261; 11. South, 302; 12. Soldotna, 311; 13. Lathrop, 312; 14. Skyview, 318; 15. Service, 345; 16. Valdez, 347; 17. Kenai, 351; 18. Bartlett, 387; 19. Nome, 403; 20. Wasilla, 437; 21. Homer, 461; 22. Susitna Valley, 468; 23. Bethel, 508; 24. Kotzebue, 531; 25. Nikiski, 563.

Individual finishers 1. Jesse Cherry, Chu, 16:12; 2. Peter Doner, Col, 16:26; 3. Matthew Adams, Sew, 16:32; 4. John Murphy, Chu, 17:16; 5. Trevor Baldwin, Ken, 17:16; 6. Ellis Austin, Val, 17:23; 7. Brian Beeson, CIA, 17:24; 8. Ryan Donahue, Dim, 17:35; 9. Ryan Orin, Lat, 17:38; 10. Ryan Pitt, Eas, 17:42; 11. Kyle Hall, Wes, 17:45; 12. Zach Tang, Dim, 17:48; 13. Patrick Lybrand, Sol, 17:50; 14. Jacob Parisien, Pal, 17:52; 15. Thomas Paniataaq, Nom, 17:54; 16. Jesse Moe, ACS, 17:58; 17. Ivan McClellan, Wes, 17:59; 18. Andrew Horn, Dim, 18:01; 19. Steven Buklis, Wes, 18:04; 20. Scott Mahar, Dim, 18:06; 21. Steven Gauna, Kod, 18:08; 22. Carlos Arias, ACS, 18:09; 23. Jonathan Moyer, ACS, 18:09; 24. Miles Dunbar, Kod, 18:09; 25. Jared Sundberg, Kod, 18:10.

Other peninsula finishers 27. Matthew Blair, Sew, 18:13; 29. Elliott Gauthier, Sky, 18:18; 34. Eli Hutchison, Sky, 18:26; 38. David Apperson, Sew, 18:32; 41. Claeb Chase, Sol, 18:35; 48. Jed McGlasson, Ken, 18:48; 49. Levi Sutton, Ken, 18:49; 71. Leif Bardarson, Sew, 19:13; 72. Rob Navarro, Sol, 19:13; 78. Bryan Chase, Sol, 19:19; 79. Walter Moore, Sew, 19:19; 89. Tyler Thornton, Sky, 19:36; 93. John McGlasson, Ken, 19:41; 95. Noah King, Sky, 19:42; 98. Colin McArthur, Hom, 19:48; 99. Nate Spence-Chorman, Hom, 19:48; 100. Garrett Hoanin, Hom, 19:52; 103. Kris Larson, Ken, 19:56; 107. Nick Whitaker, Nik, 20:09; 111. Eric Romig, Sky, 20:11; 113. Chris Amen, Ken, 20:12; 114. Ben Hawkins, Hom, 20:14; 123. Tyler Haas, Hom, 20:27; 136. Lance Penhale, Nik, 20:51; 137. Trent Semmens, Ken, 20:53; 139. Mike Farrens, Hom, 20:58; 142. Paul Morin, Nik, 21:01; 143. Peter Walsworth, Hom, 21:02; 151. Matt Nyholm, Sky, 21:11; 152. Jeremy Narlock, Nik, 21:13; 154. Michael Wicker, Nik, 21:19; 155. Robert Burns, Nik, 21:30; 158. Ruben Glaves, Sol, 22:17; 162. Taylor Karnikis, Sky, 24:40.

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