Representatives should be held accountable

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mayor Williams should have gone for the rooster instead of the whole flock. A flock usually follows the rooster wherever he leads anyway. What was Williams thinking?

The borough mayor doesn't have the power to control Homer, does he? Does he pay our taxes? No. We help pay his wage.

We citizens would like to believe we have some control over how we spend our tax money, but let's face it, we don't. Now that all our property taxes have been raised, due to the hospital expansion (already voted on), it looks like a big fight brewing for control of all that new money, or maybe that was the plan all along.

Milli Martin was right to scold Mr. Williams for his patronizing approach for her take on the issue, but being out of line in one area does not change the facts in another. Charlie Franz, still the hospital's administrator, had sole control over the expansion project. It was his obligation to see important paperwork filed in proper time for approval from the state of Alaska. He simply failed.

It would also be nice to know the faces sitting on the South Peninsula Hospital's Service Area Board really do care for this community's health problems, and not just be ambitious politicians who are good at vying for grant money.

We should have listened to the doctors whose reputations in this community supersede the experience of the hospital's administrator, who has failed this community miserably and should not only stand down, but apologize publicly. Every penny already spent was spent illegally according to the state, which required the Certificate of Need be established before the building project began, not after.

Why should taxpayers be accountable when the representatives are not? Are these people government implants or just friends of Uncle Ted?

The point is, all the people that we taxpayers pay to represent us have learned where and how to milk the tax funds. Because of this privileged information, mostly behind closed door meetings, they know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, and, when to split when the going gets hot. I wonder where Stevens and Young will disappear to?

Where does all this leave the common citizen who is forced to pick up the tab for all the messes made by our representatives? It leaves us in debt. And more debt.

What will making a living mean in the future to the humbled taxpaying moms and pops? I suggest we fire all our representatives and start over. One by one politicians become exhausted under their own weight, and when that happens we are better off to cut the fat off our bones and move forward together as a community rather than the have-nots serving the haves throughout eternity. Silence must be heard.

Maka Fairman


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