Kenai Golf Report: From tees to trees

Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Last week I mentioned that it is the 20th year of operation for the Kenai Golf Course. I had the pleasure of visiting with Dick and Shirley Morgan and learned quite a bit of the course history. Dick was directly involved in the designing of the course as he wanted to make the best use of the natural contours and vegetation that were all ready there and, sometimes to a golfer's dismay, he did.

Have you ever thought some evil thoughts about the trees in the middle of the fairway on No. 11(especially you fellows) and in the front of the green on No. 12? Dick told me that he originally had planned to have those trees cut down, but Mike Dyer, who with his father, Lloyd, did most of the "Cat" work on the course, called him out before he started to bulldoze the trees down. He told Dick that those trees were just too nice to be bulldozed or cut down. After some thought, Dick agreed. We can be reminded of that decision every time we tee off on No. 11 and approach the green on No. 12.

Kenai Cup Quarterfinals

After the quarterfinal matches on Wednesday, the following four teams won and will advance to the semifinal matches: Tom Reese/Greg Duggin (Mulligans), Tom Allison/Noel Widmayer (A&W), Dave Ramsey/Ed Marsh (Sport 'N Woodies), and Chris Sonnnichen/Tom Bennett (OFG).

Gary Katsion, Chairman of the Kenai Cup, invites all Kenai Cup players and substitutes to reserve Sept. 7 for the Kenai Cup 2005 Season Ending Fun Tournament. It will be played in conjunction with the Championship and Third-Place Matches. The format for the fun tournament will be a four-person scramble with a rotating second chance (Mulligan) shot for each team.

Ladies Day

Thursday was the last official ladies day, although I understand that there a number of ladies who plan to continue to play while the weather is still nice.

Winners this past week were: Judy Salo, low score; Lynda Dahlgren, fewest putts; Kathy Heus, closest to the pin on No. 5; and Heather Pederson, the mystery score.

Following the regular round, the ladies proceeded once more to the No. 10 tee and continued the contest (closest to the pin) which started two weeks ago. After only two rounds this time, Kathy Heus put the ball on the green. She won a gift certificate generously provided by the Kenai Golf Course.

All the ladies enjoyed the season and are looking forward to next year when they are planning to include some golf clinics.

Men's Night

To add variation the men played the back nine last week instead of the usual front nine. There was a tie for first place with a score of 1-under. In a chip-off closest to the pin on No. 10, Alan Wooten, Cliff Vaught, and Barry Jackman claimed first place, and Shawn Kaye, Shawn Jones and Gary Gabbett settled for second place.

Alan Wooten had the longest drive, Shawn Kaye was closest to the pin on No. 10 and Ron Stafford closest on No. 14.

Men's night begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday but on the following Thursdays the start time will be 5:30 p.m. Is this a sign that the days are beginning to get shorter?

KGA Donny Morgan

Memorial Championship Golf Tournament

Fifty golfers played in the two-day championship tournament. On Saturday, the weather was absolutely prefect and some excellent scores were turned in. Lunch was provided by Dick and Shirley Morgan in appreciation of the golfing community. They spent the day visiting with the golfers.

On Sunday, the story was a bit different as the weather remained drizzily throughout the day and out and out rained just as the last golfers reached the clubhouse. A delicious meal, again provided by Dick and Shirley Morgan, was prepared by Ed Aisenbrey and his wife, Terry. It was served in the pavilion and Dana Bassel, president of the Kenai Golf Association, announced the winners of the two-day tournament:

Ladies results: Low gross champion, Carol Morgan (202); first place low net, Judy Salo (151); second place low net, Teresa Sobolboro (159); third place low net, Kathy Heus (161).

Men's results: Low gross champion, Todd Eskelin (158); First flight — first place low net, Jesse Wade (146); second place low net, Doug Jung (149); third place low net, Gordon Griffin (154). Second flight — first place low net, Charlie Kahakauwila (149); second place low net, Mike Kebschull (152); third place low net, Rich Edwards (157). Third flight — first place low net, Ron Rozak (131); second place low net, John Glidden (144); third place low net, Sean O'Reilly (147).

Coming Events

n Sept. 3-4 — Dual Tournament, Birch Ridge and Kenai. Play one day at each course.

n Sept. 10 — Last KGA Members Event, followed by the annual meeting.

n Sept. 16 — Kenai Night Ball Tournament. Players use golf balls that glow in the dark.

Thought for the week

Much has been written and said about the cost of fuel these days. In the Aug. 17 issue of the Clarion was a question and answer article about the cost of fuel and what the government can or cannot do. One answer to a question regarding what can be done to conserve on fuel has some relevance to golfers. Among the suggestions for fuel conservation was to "take unneeded items such as golf clubs out of cars to reduce weight." Take notice golfers and do your share.

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