Reader: Limiting local terms doesn't make sense

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2007

We will soon have the opportunity to vote on the issue of term limits for borough assembly and school board members. Why would we ever want term limits that would force out members of these two bodies who are doing a good job and who are accumulating experience that will enable them to do an even better job in the future? This makes no sense at all.

Term limits for national offices, on the other hand, does make sense. At this level, the power of the incumbency can become almost insurmountable. These "professional politicians" soon cannot relate at all to the citizenry they supposedly represent and, as we are painfully aware, power corrupts.

At the local level, however, elected officials remain everyday citizens and active public participation insures that they remain in close contact with the citizenry on the issues before them.

If we want to remove members who are not doing a good job or with whom we disagree, we can simply vote them out.

Let's be sure that members of the assembly and the school board can remain in office as long as a majority of the voters want them to do so.

Why in the world would we want it any other way?

Dick Marshall


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