Thank God for North-Roaders

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2007

Last year during a wind storm, a huge tree came down across Halbouty. We were on our way home and saw about six other vehicles stopped. Everyone was out of their vehicles. One man was holding a chain saw that had ran out of gas. We got out of our truck and my husband got his log chain out and with the help of everyone, the tree was moved off the road. A woman in her car behind us stopped and said to me, "Thank God for North-Roaders." I smiled and agreed.

Later in the year my husband lost a fillet knife he's owned since 1968. It meant a lot to him. It was made by a company in Indiana. The company only made one batch of these knives because they were expensive for back then. We looked and posted flyers and never found the knife.

While fishing recently at the Swanson, several locals and a couple of regular outsiders were talking about the knives they found last fall. My hubby was telling one man about his knife and the man said it didn't fit the description of any he knew were found.

The next day my husband was pulling into the parking area at Swanson and this same man waved him down and handed my husband his fillet knife. It didn't fit the description of his knife any more, but there is a very distinctive tell-tale mark on this knife. We are so thankful. So thank God for North-Roaders. This one's name is Dale McGahan.

Pam Bruce


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