Non-commercial users harvest plenty of fish

Posted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A slow day is a slow day. Mr. Malmquist's letter (Clarion letters, Aug. 24) is way off. The fleet harvest of cohos is only 10 percent of the run. The commercial fishery harvests 0 percent of early reds (the bluebacks), 0 percent of early Kenai kings, maybe 70 percent of late Kenai sockeyes, maybe half of the second run of Kenai kings, 10 percent of the chums, 10 percent of the pinks. In reality about a third of the fleet sat out this season because of the last two years and a poor forecast for this one. Someone chose to "spend" their leisure time on the river bank. Over 40,000 dipnetters went home with fish. Over one million sockeyes escaped in the Kenai River. Only 10 percent of cohos are harvested commercially.

John McCombs


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