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Posted: Sunday, September 01, 2002

Walsh triumphs at Mid-Amateur event

Former Soldotna resident Tim Walsh, now of Wasilla, won the Mid-Amateur Qualifier Saturday at Settlers Bay. Walsh, 31, fired a round of 74 for a two-stroke victory.

The 1999 State Amateur champion qualified for the Mid-Amateur Championship in Connecticut on Sept. 18.

Dickerson, Faulkner win Homer Triathlon

Fred Dickerson and Katie Faulkner picked up victories Saturday at the Homer Triathlon, which is made up of a 1,000-yard swim, a 15-mile bike ride and a 5-mile run.

Dickerson, 23, finished more than six minutes ahead of runner-up Max Lemons, 31. Dickerson did the swim in 16 minutes, the bike in 47 minutes and the run in 31 minutes.

Faulkner, 14, defeated runner-up Jane Wiebe, 44, by more than eight minutes. Faulkner did the swim in 11 minutes, the bike in one hour and the run in 34 minutes.

Fifty-seven athletes participated in the triathlon.

Homer Triathlon


in Homer

1,000 yard swim, 15-mile bike, 5-mile run


1. Katie Faulkner, 1 hour, 45 minutes, 7 seconds; 2. Jane Wiebe, 1:53:50; 3. Renae Rykaczewski, 2:00:28; 4. Theresa Halpin, 2:01:39; 5. Carly Reimer, 2:03:49; 6. Holly McCune, 2:06:17; 7. Kyenna McKinstry, 2:13:31; 8. Jenn Chapple, 2:17:28; 9. Saundra Hudson, 2:17:52; 10. Katie Gaut, 2:20:18; 11. Rhiannon Jennings, 2:25:23; 12. Rhonwen Jennings, 2:25:24; 13. Megan DeCino, 2:27:30; 14. Abbie Marrale, 2:30:18; 15. Elli Matkin, 2:30:53; 16. Deannie Andree, 2:35:12; 17. Charity Williams, 2:39:19; 18. Jorden Greiner, 2:39:55; 19. Jaclyn Arndt, 2:40:40; 20 (tie). Britta Baechler, Lilly Lane, 2:41:25; 22. Lois Andrews, 2:43:51; 23. Danielle Wythe, 2:45:51; 24. Gracie Harrison, 2:46:39; 25. Lori Marrale, 2:49:49.

26. Ellen Bauer, 2:50:10; 27. Jenna Grady, 3:04:13; 28. Devony Lehner, 3:06:18; 29. Katelyn Wythe, 3:11:58; 30. Katie Miller, 3:13:50; 31. Melissa Malcolm, 3:17:38; 32. Megan Malcolm, 3:21:26.

1. Fred Dickerson, 1:34:30; 2. Max Lemons, 1:40:46; 3. Ben Kuhns, 1:41:22; 4. Kevin Wythe, 1:44:08; 5. Kyle Lintz, 1:44:22; 6. Jake Bell, 1:44:53; 7. Brent Ragsdale, 1:48:07; 8. Orion Berryman, 1:50:14; 9. Miguel Ramos, 1:51:26; 10. Evan Smith, 1:53:14; 11. James Oriet, 1:53:18; 12. Paul Andrews, 1:53:56; 13. Ivan Heimbuch, 1:54:43; 14. Aaron Glidden, 1:58:28; 15. Andrew Vait, 1:59:22; 16. Ben Praker, 1:59:54; 17. Jamey Smith, 2:05:32; 18. Chris Perk, 2:07:01; 19. Travis Riley, 2:07:18; 20. John Brewer, 2:07:31; 21. Dakota Zellin, 2:16:32; 22. Kelly Andrews, 2:26:24; 23. John Brennand-Sheffler, 2:28:18; 24. Daryl Wythe, 2:31:16; 25. Anthony Augusto, 2:45:30.

Alleged stalker of Williams arrested at Open

NEW YORK -- Albrecht Stromeyer, who spent the last year pursuing Serena Williams around the world, was arrested Saturday at the U.S. Open and charged with stalking the top-seeded tennis player.

Albrecht Stromeyer, 34, was taken into custody after a police officer spotted him watching Williams through a fence at the U.S. Tennis Center, police spokesman Detective Louis Camacho said.

Stromeyer, who lives with his wealthy parents in Frankfurt, was charged with two counts of stalking the tennis star, Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said.

Authorities said Stromeyer had been following Williams around the world since June 2001. During that time, Stromayer allegedly sent repeated e-mails and made numerous phone calls in an effort to contact Williams.

Stromeyer has ''attempted to repeatedly contact her against her wishes, and acted in a manner that caused Miss Williams to fear for her safety,'' Brown said.

The alleged stalker was previously spotted at tournaments in Germany, Italy, Britain and France. Stromayer was arrested outside the gates of Wimbledon on July 3 after scuffling with police.

The district attorney planned to ask for an order of protection that would keep Stromeyer away from the 20-year Williams. The man -- whose mother is a psychiatrist -- faces a $1,000 fine and up to a year in prison.

According to Camacho, Officer Michael Esposito recognized Stromeyer on Friday afternoon from a photo given to police by Williams' manager. Esposito took the suspect to the U.S. Tennis Association security officer, where Stromeyer's identity was confirmed.

He was arrested and charged shortly after midnight.

While Stromeyer was in custody Friday, Serena Williams moved into the fourth round of the Open by easily defeating No. 26 Nathalie Dechy 6-1, 6-1.

Williams practiced on Saturday morning, but apparently left the grounds before Stromeyer's arrest became public. She was not scheduled to play Saturday.

After his arrest in England, Stromeyer told police, ''I don't hate (Serena Williams). I love her. I will never hurt her.''

During the Italian Open in May, police stopped Stromeyer and ordered him out of the country after receiving word of the suspect's history of allegedly harassing Williams.

Two months earlier, Stromeyer walked into an Arizona hotel-resort where Williams was playing and asked to see her. When he was turned down, Stromeyer began undressing in front of the desk clerk.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Williams' mother, Oracene, has also reported seeing Stromeyer at a Berlin tournament in May and at the French Open in June.

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