Much has changed since the Constitution was adopted

Posted: Wednesday, September 01, 2010

People Change. Throughout their lives, they go from being young and unrefined, through schooling and training, into a career, through marriage, retirement and eventually death. With each experience wisdom and knowledge is gained, and in doing of each event that wisdom and knowledge from previous experience is utilized.

Society changes over time in much the same fashion, displaying much the same pattern of this change, aging and maturing over the years. Why then is it that this society would hold the same set of unchanging jurisprudence as it started out with over two hundred years ago?

It does not; the original laws of the United States are vastly superannuated, and have been greatly modified to fit the times of late. With social progress has been generated much wisdom, and society has used this wisdom in shaping contemporary legislation, however some of the more politically conservative individuals among us would have all that we have learned thrown out the proverbial window, and revert back to the original obsolete document of which we were founded upon. A great deal has changed since then, mostly for the better, and as need has arisen we have amended our founding charter, the Constitution of the United States, to address new issues that have created unforeseen disturbances and anomalies in society.

At the time of the creation of some documents such as the Constitution, our nation was unpowerful and isolated in the world, and it is inexpedient to think of using the same set of parameters to deal with the state of this country today as if it was still that time so long ago. Neither should we forget what we know; learned from the past should be the parameters of today, and incorporated should be the rich history of our great nation, however it is of the utmost importance to insure that the government of today is truly of today, so as not to find ourselves trapped in a position of quondam.

Wesley Matthews


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