Matarrese, Botelho top leader board in Kenai

Posted: Sunday, September 02, 2001

At the Donald R. Morgan Kenai Golf Association Club Championship, it was the "Donald R. Morgan" part, and not the "Club Championship" part, that mattered most to first-round leader Mark Matarrese.

"I'm playing this thing to honor Donnie and Carol (Morgan)," said Matarrese. "Losing him left a big hole in the community.

"I don't think a lot of people realize yet what he did for the people in this area."

Morgan, who ran the golf course, died last month. Matarrese works at the course on weekends and was good friends with Morgan.

Matarrese fired a 4-over-par 76 to take the men's first flight lead over Eldon Harvey, at 77, and Ken Liedes, at 78. Play will wrap up at the tournament today.

Matarrese said a double bogey on No. 6 ignited his strong round. Matarrese took the double bogey after losing a ball on the hole.

"That made me get more serious," Matarrese said. "I'd lost two strokes, and I knew I had to get them back.

"Somehow, I started playing better at that point."

With five players within eight strokes, Matarrese said his work is far from done. Included in that group are the champions from the past two years -- Billy Applewhite at 84 and Dan Kirsch at 82.

Also in that group is Liedes, who was six strokes in back of Matarrese after the first day of the Kenai Chrysler Open two weeks ago. Liedes stormed back on Sunday to tie Matarrese and eventually lose to him in a one-stroke playoff for the Open - Amateur Division title.

"I feel pretty good," Liedes said. "I'm looking forward to tomorrow. There's nothing better than head-to-head competition. That's the case in any sport."

In the women's first flight, another employee of the Kenai Golf Course is on top of the leader board. Rita Botelho leads with a 95, while Pam Martinez is right behind with 97.

"After shooting 105 at the Kenai Open two weeks ago, I'm glad to at least get under 100," Botelho said. "Those young whippersnappers are out to get me.

"They're trying to send me into needlepoint."

Donald R. Morgan Kenai Golf Association Club Championship


at Kenai Golf Course

Men's first flight

Mark Matarrese 76

Eldon Harvey 77

Ken Liedes 78

Dan Kirsch 82

Felix Martinez 82

Billy Applewhite 84

Jessie Wade 85

Gordon Griffin 85

Tom Reese 85

Jim Kimball 85

Mark Azzara 86

Lorne Smagge 86

Jim Bradford 91

Lee Stalker 99

John Bunnell 109

Men's second flight

Lee Hankins 82

Doug Haralson 86

David Litchfield 87

Greg Horton 87

John Dahlgren 88

Bill Stamps 88

David Ramsey 88

Noel Widmayer 88

Bill Burtram 89

Eddie Sibolboro 89

Robert Bird 91

Rich Edwards 93

Jeff Cocker 94

Jerry Norris 95

Ken Lipski 95

Daniel Cabrera 95

Daniel Young 96

Mike Navarre 97

Dana Bassel 98

John Davis 100

Tom Allison 100

Dave Howard 104

Robert Speakman 106

Men's third flight

Lavern (Butch) Anderson 91

Danny Brewer 93

Jim Legner 93

Charles Kahakauwila 93

Jack Evans 95

Joe Deveaux 95

Cal Larson 96

William Irwin 96

Gene Graneth 97

Sam McLane 97

Clayton Dolan 97

Greg Duggin 98

Mike Wolfering 102

Mike Morse 102

Ron Rozak 103

Jeff Hahn 105

Bob Bush 111

Men's fourth flight

Bruce Galloway 94

Bill Coghill 97

Charles Waguespeak 101

Tom Vincent 101

Alvin John Glidden 102

Lyle Winter 107

Bob Drewes 110

Dick Morgan 128

Women's first flight

Rita Botelho 95

Pam Martinez 97

Paula Crowley 104

Women's second flight

Karen Morris 106

Shelley Ramsey 119

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