Term limits should stand

Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What part of the simple word "Yes" does Kenai Borough Mayor John Williams not understand? Three times the good people of this borough have voted to impose term limits on their elected officials. Three times professional politicians such as Williams have denied an overwhelming majority of voters.

At their own expense, the folks of A.C.T. challenged the borough in court and the judge ruled that term limits for the Borough Assembly were constitutional.

Now Williams and his administration have requested a "do over." They want the same judge to consider whether term limits are really "necessary."

Mayor Williams simply does not get it. He continues to spend large piles of our tax dollars to fight against the very same people he took an oath to serve. He's determined to spare no expense to get his way, without regard for votes of the people.

At the election in October voters will have an opportunity to show Mayor Williams we don't need term limits to get rid of him and his gang. We voters want our government back and don't need judges or attorneys to decide this next election for us! We can do it by ourselves, thank you very much!

If you really want your borough government to reflect your will, then it is very important to vote in the upcoming Oct. 7 municipal election. Let your conscience be your guide!

Mike McBride


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