Palin a real person

Posted: Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin is a real person and not a career politician; I believe that is what scares her oppents. The other side has made comments she is from a town of only 9,000 people and her state has more reindeers than people; I hear two unspoken messages from the other camp:

1. Sarah Palin is too common of an American and an average American cannot serve in Washington, you must be an elitist.

2. The government is not by the people and for the people any longer.

Let's look at FDR's vice president, Harry S. Truman, before he was chosen as VP on the Democratic ticket in 1944. Harry was a farmer, timekeeper at a construction company, soldier, clothing store owner and was then elected to the senate from a smaller state (at the time) Missouri. He was chosen by Roosevelt because of the work he had done in ethics and cleaning up the corruption in the defense contractors spending. After Roosevelt died in office, and as the new president, I believe Truman did quite well while dealing with a world at war, Korea and a cold war with little foreign relation experience at the time he was nominated. He did well because he was an average American who wanted to do what was right and the people had faith in him.

Does this sound familiar/any parallels?

Sarah Palin was/is a runner up in Miss Alaska pageant, a student, a mother, a fisherman, a college graduate, a wife, a mayor, a state officer, governor and now a party VP nominee. I have met her and seen the authenticity first hand as she took the time to take a photo with a high school student on the stairs of the capital building while on the way to a meeting. She also put all at risk to fight corruption in government and she was elected by people who were thankful for her bravery and example of ethics. We in Alaska may be average, or as the Democrats have stated, "fewer than reindeer," but we recognize what made the United States the greatest nation ever to exist and it is great average Americans like Sarah Palin.

I say let the elitist continue to be elite but let the average American be leaders of our country, regardless of their gender or ethnic background.

Marty Anderson


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