T. Harvey Combo in town: Anchorage band to rock 'sing-alongs' in Clam Gulch

Posted: Thursday, September 02, 2010

When asked what type of music the T. Harvey Combo plays, band front man, lead singer and guitarist Tom Sigler says it's just "good."

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Photo Courtesy Of Dean Reaves
Photo Courtesy Of Dean Reaves
The T. Harvey Combo's band logo.

"I'm always joking with people telling them it's good so they don't worry too much about it," Sigler said. "It always throws them off."

Apart from being "good" the band plays swing, blues, classic rock and even a little bit of old-time country.

The Anchorage-based threesome of Sigler, drummer Dean Reaves and bassist Doug Brown, will be playing a show at the Clam Shell Lounge in Clam Gulch Saturday, as a kick-off to a number of gigs they have in southcentral Alaska.

The group, which has been playing for a year and a half, is made up of lifelong musicians.

"Altogether we probably have 160 years worth of experience," Sigler said.

They recently played a short set at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, too.

"It's all sing along music," Sigler said. "People like songs that they know the words too. Everyone knows the words to 'The Joker,' by Steve Miller, so if you play it and look around and see their mouths moving. If they're able to sing along with it, it's good enough for rock and roll."

Sigler called these types of tunes "icon songs."

They're "songs that are so big they kind of have a life of their own," he said.

"People hopefully sing along with it an get up and get involved," Sigler said. "People like to get involved with the music."

And by getting "involved" the T. Harvey Combo means dancing.

Reaves said attendants should expect "some high energy, get-down, have-a-good-time dancing music. Things that will make your feet move."

Singing and dancing aside, this weekend's show has is an extra special reason to celebrate for the band.

Sigler has recently finished chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer and has recovered enough to play again.

"This will be my first show back," Sigler said. "It took a little time to recover from the treatment and illness this summer."

In fact, Sigler said, he recently got word form his surgeon that everything looked fine.

"We're really excited that he's healthy again," Reaves said.

All members of the band have had cancer so Sigler's recovery is especially meaningful.

"All three of us are survivors at this point," Reaves said.

Sigler said his bandmates were especially supportive during the weeks he spent in the hospital.

"Both these guys knew you could survive the stuff," he said.

Sigler said being cancer survivors gives them a certain type of stamina to play the long sets of music.

"That's why we play. We love to play and that keeps us energetic and keeps us in shape," he said. "We love playing for a crowd of folks that's having fun. When they're having fun we have more fun."

Even cancer can't stop the singing, dancing and rocking T. Harvey Combo.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Saturday at the Clam Shell Lodge on the Sterling Highway in Clam Gulch.

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