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Posted: Monday, September 03, 2007

Here's hoping you're celebrating Labor Day the Neighbors way: a peaceful feast with lots of friends and a few strangers. Heath and Diane Duncan did. They held their annual family and friend pig roast on Sunday. Diane not only looks like a goddess, but her Kasilof garden farm can put on a feast that attracts people like mosquitoes to goose bumps.

The Kasilof/Cohoe Cemetery Association will hold their annual meeting Thursday at the McLane Center at 7 p.m. They have been trying to acquire an adjacent four-acre parcel from the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, which also owns the airstrip. Years ago, when Kalifornsky Beach Road was realigned, it took a swath of cemetery property and of airport property, leaving the four-acre parcel isolated from the airport. Transferring the property from one public entity to another seems simple enough to us rural types, but DNR has trees to kill and so ink has to go to paper. For more information you can call the cemetery secretary, Jan See, at 263-9243. While you're at it, ask how the Duncan party was. Jan and Brock never miss it.

Have you noticed the lime green circles around filled pot holes on Kalifornsky Beach Road? Those are to identify which pot holes were filled with an experimental "cold" patch material. If they hold up, the state could save a whole pot of money. Road work on K-Beach has been rescheduled for 2008. New pavement should then be snuggled in place and maybe it will never develop the ominous hardtop omissions known to send shock absorbers into orbit.

The State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game has some interesting proposals before an Oct. 5-8 joint meeting of the Boards of Fish and Game. They are asking the joint boards to merge the Cooper Landing Fish and Game advisory committee with the Kenai and Soldotna advisory committee and do the same between the Ninilchik advisory committee and the Homer advisory committee. Cohoe and Kasilof have long been part of the Kenai-Soldotna advisory committee. Clam Gulch folks can go either way but most people there participate at Ninilchik. The apparent purpose of the mergers would be to save the Fish and Game money, because they currently must attend several advisory committee meetings each year. Fewer advisory committees would mean fewer meetings. Some advisory committee members may question whether the joint boards have the necessary authority to make such sweeping changes. The advisory committees were formed in autonomy from the boards and advisory committee members may be reluctant to lose their identity. A promising compromise would allow for joint advisory committee meetings during Fish and Game attended meetings, but continue the advisory committee committees in their current status.

Ionia, the mental health and farm facility on Cohoe, had a good barley crop this year. Michael Becker, who oversees the farming project, said barley is a proven crop for Alaska. Becker is a strong proponent of organic gardening and the crops they produce are consumed by the 50 members of their community.

We're glad if your labors prospered this summer. If you've become a millionaire, remember to share.

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