Peninsula State Fair 2001 announces 4-H fair entries, prizes

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Guide to ribbons:

CB - Clover Bud Ribbon; C - Champion; RC - Reserve Champion; OC - Over all Champion; ROC - Reserve Over all Champion; Purple - Excellence; Best of Show; Round Robin Showmanship; Blue; Red; White

Clare Bennett; Still Life


Kara Bethune; Painted Pot-Blue, Holiday Craft Snowman-Red, Animal Science Horse Ed Display-Red, Meat Pen Turkey-Blue, Int Poultry Showmanship-Red, Recruitment Poster-Blue;

Tyler Bethune; Turkey Ed Display-Blue, Bicycle Ed Display-Red, Mkt Turkey-Blue-RC, Turkey Showmanship-Red, Recruitment Poster-Blue

Walker Boyle; Cattails-Red, chickens Ed Display-Blue, Nebulae-Blue, Cockerel Cornish Cross-Blue, Meat Pen Broilers Cornish Cross-Red, Jr. Showmanship-Blue-C, Mkt Swine-Blue, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue

Tatiana Butler; Portrait Pastels-Blue, Reproduction Monet-C-Purple-Blue, Wood Burning Horses-Purple-Blue, Fireweed Honey-Blue, Strawberries-Blue, Raspberries-Blue, Cucumber Slicers-Blue, Picture Display of Garden-Red, Red Cabbage-Blue, OS Cross Cabbage-Blue-Purple, Radicco-Blue, Arugula-Blue, Swiss Chard-Red, Tomatoes-Blue, Cherry Tomatoes-Blue, Sugar Snap Peas-Blue, Red Potatoes-Red, White Potatoes-Blue, Broccoli-Red, Cauliflower-White, Cucumber Sliced-Blue, Lettuce-White, Cabbage-Blue, Celery-Blue, Cavy Silky-Blue, Cavy-Blue, Cavy Showmanship Int.-Blue-RC-ROC, Bantam Modern English BB Game-Red, Silver Laced-Red, Bantam Silky-Blue, Bantam Cochin-Blue, Bantam Old English BB Game-Blue, Showmanship-Blue-C, Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Swine Showmanship-Blue-C, 4-H Recruitment Poster-Purple-Blue, Creative Writing-Myth-Blue, Poetry Trees of Winter-Purple-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Freya Chay; Educational Rat Display-Clover Bud

Maya Chay; Swine Education Display-Red, Tom Turkey-White, Turkey Showmanship-White, Jr Swine Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Hog-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Jesse Chumley; Mkt Hog-Blue, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue

Paris Cooper; Mini Lop Bunny-Purple-Blue Jr. Conformation-ROC, Showmanship-Red

Clay Dempster; Meat Pen Fryers-Red, Jr. Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Lamb-Purple-Blue, Jr. Sheep Showmanship-Blue

Heidi Dempster; Medium Wool Fleece-Blue, Medium Wool Fleece-Red, Meat Pen Fryers-Red, Int Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Beef-Blue, Int Beef Showmanship-Blue

Maria Dempster; Meat Pen Fryers-Blue, Sr. Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Beef-Red, Sr. Beef Showmanship-Blue

Billy Duncan; Mkt Turkey-Blue, Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Hog-Blue,

Swine Showmanship-Blue-C

Holly Earl; Display-Red, Mkt Hog-Blue, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue

Cameron Foister; Mkt Hog-Blue, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Hog-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Elisabeth Habermann; Sheep Ed Display-Blue, Mkt Turkey Tom Blue-C, Mkt Turkey-Blue, Int Turkey Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Lamb-Red, Mkt Lamb-Red, Int Sheep Showmanship-Blue-OC. Ram Lamb-Blue, Yearling Wool Ram-Blue-C, Mature Mkt Ram-Blue, Yearling Ewe-Blue-C, Mature Ewe-Blue-OC, Breeding Ewe-Blue, Wool Class-Blue-C, Lads & Lassie's Lead-Blue-C, Scrapbook of 4-H Experiences-Purple-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Matthew Habermann; Mkt Hog-Blue, Sr Swine Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Hog-Blue

Jordan Holmes; 4-H Record Book-Blue

Chaunce Hoxie; Shooting Sports Ed Display-Red, Swine Ed Display-Red, Med White Fleece-White, Med White Fleece-White, Mkt Rabbit-Blue, Int. Rabbit Showmanship-Blue


Clay Dempster with his 4-H lamb.

Morgan Hoxie; Smelly Sachet-Blue, Stall Sign-Red, Pencil Drawing-Horses for Sale-Blue, Colored Pencil-Fairy-Blue, Pencil-Sleeper-Blue, Corn Bread-Blue, Canned Red Salmon-Blue, Dried Herb Mint-Blue, Brownies-Blue, White Yeast Bread-RC-Blue, Sponge Cake-Blue, Bird House-C-Purple-Blue, Rhubarb-White, Cacti-Red, Jade-Red, Cacti Christmas Salmon-White, Cacti-Christmas White-White, Cacti-Christmas-Pink-White, Vet Science Ed Display-Blue, Horse Ed Display-Blue, Mkt Rabbit-C-Purple-Blue, Int. Rabbit Showmanship-Blue-RC-ROC, Cavy Black Sow-Blue-C-Purple-OC, Cavy Boar-Purple-Blue, Cavy Sow-Purple-Blue, Int. Cavy Showmanship-Blue-OC, Med White Fleece-Red, Med White Fleece-Red, Single-Ply Handspun Yarn-Blue, Rooster-Red, Rooster-Red, Int Poultry Showmanship-Blue-RC, Mkt Lamb-Blue, Mature Ewe-Blue-RC, Ewe Lamb under 12 mo. Purple-Blue, Int Sheep Showmanship-Blue, Breeding Ewe-Blue-C, Mkt Lamb-Red, Lads & Lassie's Lead-Blue-RC, 4-H Record Book-Red

Maya Johnson; Applied Animal Science Ed Display Goat-Blue, Applied Animal Science Ed Display Trail Ride-Purple-Blue, Meat Pen-Red, Jr Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Hog-Blue, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue-RC, 4-H Record Book-Red

Andrew Kurka; Horse Ed Display-Red

Heather Kurka; Wood Art-RC-Purple-Blue, Graphic Arts Kaleidoscope-Red, Word Art-Blue, Calligraphy-Blue, Block Printing-Blue, Word Art on Wood-Blue, Flowers-Blue, Pen & Ink Snake-Blue, Sun Down-Blue, Fantasy-Blue, Mountain Side-Blue, Moon Dawn-Blue, Creation of Unicorn-Blue, Rock Display-Blue, Gymkhana Game Ed Display-Red, Art Ed Display-Red, Poster-Rodeo Queen-Blue

Kimberly Kurzendoerfer; Denim Woven Rug-C-Blue, Pink & Purple Wool Yarn Hand Spun-Blue

Natalie Kurzendoerfer; Tie dyed Socks-CB, Yarn Crafts Spool Knitting over Hanger-CB

Amy Lambe; Beef Conformation-Blue-RC, Sr. Beef Showmanship-Blue-OC

Stephanie Lambe; Sr Beef Showmanship-Blue-RC, Mkt Beef-Blue-C, Record Book-Blue

Aurora Lambert; Vet Science Ed Display-Blue, Meat Pen Hen-Blue, Meat Pen Tom-Blue, Int Showmanship-White, Int. Swine Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Hog-Blue

Robin Lawrence; Pencil Bird Drawing-Blue-RC, Dance Skirt-Purple-Best of Show-C-Blue, Taped Choreographed Song-C-Purple-Blue, Challa Nationality Bread-C-RC-Blue

Wade Lawrence; Cherry Pie-C-Purple-Blue, Gun Poster-Red

Chelsea Luttrell; Pillow-Red, Dress-Red, Display-Absorbency Tests-Red, Leather Craft-Blue, Candle Making-Purple-Blue, Display-Stain Glass for MS-C-Blue, Poster-Blue, Mixed Media-Blue, Stain Glass-Blue, Wooden Shelf-Blue, Curtains-Red, Muffins-Blue, Bar Cookies-Blue, Jelly with Pectin-Blue, No Bake Cookies-Blue, Babysitting Kit-Blue, Hand Puppet-Blue, Hobby Scrapbook Work in Progress-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Kay Lytle; Pen and Ink Cartooning-RC-Blue, Fleece Nat Color Med-Blue-RC, Fleece Nat Color Med Fine-Blue, Mkt Rabbit-Blue, Showmanship Int-Blue-C-OC, Mouse-Purple-Blue, Mkt Sheep-Blue-RC, Sheep Showmanship-Blue, Dog Obedience-Purple

Valerie Mackie; Poultry Ed Display-Red, Meat Chickens-Blue, Int Poultry Showmanship-Blue, Pullet-Blue, Record Book-Blue

Sondra Mize; Breeding Ewe-Blue-RC, Sr. Sheep Showmanship-Blue-GC, Mkt

Hog-Purple-Blue, Sr. Swine Showmanship-Blue-OC

Janelle Moerlein; Sr. Swine Showmanship-Blue-C, Mkt Hog-Blue, Mkt Hog


Michael Moerlein; Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue-RC, Jr. Swine Showmanship-Blue, Mkt Hog-Blue, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Courtney Nesslage; 4-H Recruitment Poster-Blue

Daniel Osmar; Jr. Doe under 6 months-CB

David Osmar; Educational Display-Red, Mkt Lamb-Blue-C, Sheep Showmanship-Blue-C.

Merissa Osmar; Mini Lop Jr. Doe-CB

Nicole Osmar; Educational Display-Blue, Jr. Buck-Blue, Rabbit Showmanship Int.-Blue, Mkt Lamb-Blue, Showmanship Sheep-Blue-RC

Denali Pearson; Mkt Hog-Blue, Swine Showmanship-Blue,

Record Book-Blue

Joseph Ramirez; Rabbit Ed Display-Red, Jr Rabbit Showmanship-Red, Mkt Pen Rabbit-Blue-RC, Conformation-RC, 4-H Record Book-Blue

Katie Jean Rea; Horse Educational Display; Red

Tera Schnabl; Barn Birdhouse-C-Blue Schollenberg, Katie; Record Book-Purple-Blue

David Schwenke; Turkey Hen-Blue, Int Poultry Showmanship-White, Mkt Hog-Purple-Blue, Int Showmanship Swine-Red

John Schwenke; Mkt Hog-Blue, Int Swine Showmanship-Blue

Tinei Schwenke; Sr. Doe-Blue, Int Rabbit Showmanship-Purple-Blue, Tom Turkey-Blue, Poultry Showmanship-White Smith Joy; Head Scarf-Red, Pot Holder-Red, Pillow Case-Blue-C

Josh Tempel; Mkt Hog-Purple, Blue-C, Sr. Swine Showmanship-Blue-RC

Zak Tindal; Clowning Ed Display-Blue

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