Reader: E-mail shortsighted

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm writing in response to B. VinZant's article on Aug. 24 about an e-mail she received concerning a little store in Soldotna called "Pye Wackets."

I commend Ms. V.Z. for upholding our right to free speech and enterprise. I went into the store on Aug. 17 with my son (visiting from Ohio), who noted the colors of the store were intriguing in themselves. Even the signs posted on the door make one smile and let them know they're in for a pleasant experience.

There is no promotion of witchcraft. It's all about feeling calm and in touch with things very much of this earth. It's an instant break in a hectic day. So if it's not up your alley, then don't go in.

But think of what the store owner is doing. She's worked here with the public for 20 years. She's followed all the legal guidelines and established her own business, offering people a down-to-earth spiritual break in a hectic world.

For someone to offer bad press on something they know little about seems to come from one who is shortsighted and easily intimidated.

In any event, we should all walk in one's shoes and look in our own mirror before we criticize others. I think that store owner is pretty comfortable with what she sees in her mirror.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

Valerie Warchola


Vote 'No' on term limits

Who wants to lose the right to choose by voting? There is a move growing on the Kenai that makes it look like I don't have sense enough to vote for a good candidate. Am I too dumb to make a good choice? Are most of us?

I hope folks will think twice about this term limit thing that will show up on the ballot next time. We already have a way to limit terms. It's called voting.

Get out there, Kenai voters. Tell those folks that you are smart enough to make your own choices. You don't need another law to make your choices for you. Vote "No" on term limits.

Jean Kimple


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