Match play puts cap on Kenai Golf Association Championship

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2000

The Kenai Golf Association came to a close Sunday with the final rounds of the Kenai Golf Association Championship.

The most exciting action took place on the last hole of the final round of the women's tournament. Pam Martinez was tied with Rita Botelho when Martinez sank her putt. Botelho was unable to match the feat and missed on a 2-foot putt.

Martinez had defeated Shelley Ramsey 7-1 in the semifinal round in nine holes of match play. Botelho had defeated Patsy Bird 5-2.

Bird tied Ramsey 4-4 in the consolation round. Bird won on the first playoff hole.

In the men's first flight semifinals, Dan Kirsch tied Jim Kimball 4-4. Kirsch then won on the first playoff hole. Jeff Sinz defeated Billy Applewhite 4-2. In the final match, Kirsch tied Sinz 4-4, then won in a playoff. Kimball won the consolation match, beating Applewhite 4-2.

In the second flight semifinals, Dan Young defeated Richard Martin 5-3. Bob Bird defeated Mike Navarre 2-1. In the final match, Bird beat Young 4-3. Navarre defeated Martin 3-2 in the consolation match.

Don Schreiner defeated Mike Rasmussen 4-2 in the semifinal match of the third flight. Butch Anderson defeated Clayton Dolan 7-1. Anderson won the final match, beating Schreiner 4-2. Rasmussen won the consolation match; Dolan did not show up to play.

In the fourth flight semifinals, Al Brunner beat Paul Samora 5-3, and Andy Anderson defeated Alvin John Glidden 5-3. Brunner then defeated Anderson in the final match 7-2. Glidden won the consolation match when he beat Samora 7-2.

KGA Championship Finals

1st Flight

Semifinals Dan Kirsch halved Jim Kimball, Kirsch won first playoff hole; Jeff Sinz def. Billy Applewhite 4-2. Consolation match -- Jim Kimball def. Billy Applewhite 4-2. Championship match -- Dan Kirsch halved Jeff Sinz, Kirsch won playoff hole.

2nd Flight

Semifinals Dan Young def. Richard Martin 5-3; Bob Bird def. Mike Navarre 2-1. Consolation match Mike Navarre def. Richard Martin 3-2. Championship match Bob Bird def. Dan Young 4-3.

3rd Flight

Semifinals Don Schreiner def. Mike Rasmussen 4-2; Butch Anderson def. Clayton Dolan 7-1. Consolation match Mike Rasmussen won; Clayton Dolan DQ'd. Championship match Butch Anderson def. Don Schreiner 4-2.

4th Flight

Semifinals Al Brunner def. Paul Samora 5-3; Andy Anderson def. Alvin John Glidden 5-3. Consolation match Alvin John Glidden def. Paul Samora 7-2. Championship match Al Brunner def. Andy Anderson 7-2.

Ladies Flight

Semifinals Rita Botelho def. Patsy Bird 5-2; Pam Martinez def. Shelly Ramsey 7-1. Consolation match Patsy Bird halved Shelley Ramsey; Bird won first playoff hole. Championship match Pam Martinez def. Rita Botelho 3-2.

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