Tell politicians — less oil company profits

Posted: Tuesday, September 05, 2006

With regards to the letter printed Thursday, Aug. 24, (Clarion) discussing “Government interference causing high gas prices” from Christopher H. Fogleman in Reseda, Calif., I have to say your wrong.

The talk about government regulation of oil production is incorrect as we the people are the ones who (should) dictate where the drilling is to take place hence why the wildlife refuge has been so much in the news.

Government regulation of Nuclear power is such because of the enormous cost of clean up and problems of storage of the waste. We have not built a single nuclear plant in several years because of the dangers associated with them. I believe in the use of nuclear power and feel that we should build more just with more emphasis on safety.

The building of refineries is not stopped by government regulation it is stopped by the oil companies and their greed for profits, the infrastructure is here, the workers are here, big oil would rather fail to maintain the equipment they have and not build new to drive up the

cost of oil and gas.

Congress refuses to allow drilling in areas because “We the People” say no. We should be saying more and more we want renewable/alternative energy sources but congress is not listening to us, in this regard they are listening to big oil ask for handouts because they failed to do their job and stock prices may fall, hence profits will go down. There is nothing unconstitutional about listening to the people you represent and doing as they ask.

And to the point of an election year, I agree, lets tell the politicians that we do not want the same old song and dance, we want better government and more regulation on the oil companies to cut their profits, build the new plants, work on alternative energies and yes, lower the price of gas to where it should be minus all their huge profits and that would drop the price to about 1.98.

And why would a Californian be writing in our little hometown newspaper?

Dave Briscoe


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