Friday, September 5, 2008

Reader takes issue with letter
Referring letter to the editor from Marty Anderson, dated Sept. 2 in the Peninsula Clarion, I would like to offer a response to his remarks saying what a great average American Sarah Palin is. According to a document on my wall that uses the adjective "Honorable" along with a few medals awarded to me, I always thought that the millions of Americans that served in the military and the millions that didn't make it home, and the millions that didn't come home whole, were the ones that made this the greatest nation ever to exist. I consider this a slap in the face, but who am I to complain. We didn't have the resume that Sarah has, according to Mr. Anderson, beauty queen, student, mother, fisherman,college graduate, wife, mayor, governor and VP nominee. We just did what we thought was making this the greatest nation ever to exist. If Mr. Anderson would like to offer something to disprove me, I will gladly retract my statement.

SoHi says thanks
Soldotna High School would like to thank Lowe's for supporting our landscaping improvement project and our community. Our thanks to Lowe's employees, SoHi students, staff, volunteers and Davis Block for completing this project.

Thanks for getting kids off on right foot
A very important thank you is in order.

Nikiski Clubhouse grateful for successful summer
Nikiski Clubhouse wraps up a successful summer program. Thanks to all of our members for spending their summer with us! With a full time tutor we were able to offer 10 weeks of reading and math to our members, along with a variety of enrichment programs. Through a USDA grant members were provided a free healthy breakfast and lunch. I would like to thank our dedicated and caring staff that is an integral part of this program: Renee Payment, Tracy Eckert, Rosie Farrier, Christine Strickland, Jackie Cason, Anita Olivia, Elena Diaz, Angela Smith, Justin Wik, Karen Godfrey and Jr. Staff Brando Wik and Evan Holloway. The summer volunteers: Stacy Edgmon, the students from Kenai Peninsula College, Honor students from Nikiski Middle High School, and parents. A special thanks to Lighthouse Community Church for assisting with transportation; Kenai River Fishing Association for placing 16 of our members on the river with a professional guide and to the following teachers for opening their rooms to us: Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Arness. Finally to Lori Manion for her continued support and belief in our program, and for allowing us to be a part of a wonderful team at Nikiski North Star Elementary. All NCH staff and members would like to congratulate Mrs. Jackie as she moves on to a new adventure with NPRSA. We thank you for your eight years of dedicated service to the youth in Kenai and Nikiski!

Kingsford treated unfairly
As a former employee of Vern Kingsford (flight instructor) I just want to say that Vern has been very unfairly portrayed by the articles in the Clarion pertaining to the land dispute with the school in Moose Pass. Like many successful Alaskans, Vern has a strong personality and is very direct in expressing himself. (Perhaps this is part of the reason he has developed the premier and most highly respected float-plane training base in the country and yet, perhaps that is part of the reason he seems intimidating to people who are less self-assured.) The truth is Vern has a heart of pure gold and is one of the most generous and fair-minded people I have ever met. It would absolutely at odds with who he is to intentionally encroach on anyone else's property. It is completely unethical and unfair and un-Christian of certain of the Moose Pass Methodist Church members to drag their totally unrelated land-issue with Vern into his fair and honorable request to the Borough to purchase at fair market value a very small sliver of land. These chuch people have sabatoged out of spite an arrangement that borough officials considered fair. Is is all the more disturbing when the group's Pastor has the nerve to say that he and his flock are trying to keep to the "high ground"! That reminds me of the old saying, "the best argument against Christianity is Christians."

Photo feature: Two lanes of blacktop
Workers from Alaska Road Builders pave the way into the Lowe's home improvement center under construction in Kenai on Thursday afternoon. Across Marathon Road, work is under way to clear the lot where Wal-Mart will be constructed.

Spending packages approved
The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly wasted little time Tuesday accepting state grants and approving a dozen spending measures targeting roads, firefighting, recreation and coastal management, before ending the gathering shortly after 9 p.m.

Law enforcement encourages parents to be proactive in keeping kids safe
Thirty years ago to the day, Amy and Scott Fandel went missing from their home in Sterling.

Survey floats Senate replacements
Alaska Democrats charged Thursday that an Oregon-based phone survey company was engaging in shady push polling that appeared designed to encourage a vote for Sen. Ted Stevens, but also floated the names of possible replacements for the indicted senator in the November general election.

Kenai to publish disclosure rule info
While not necessarily advocating new state financial disclosure rules for civic leaders, Old Town resident Bob Peters questioned the appropriateness of Kenai spending city funds to support a ballot initiative opposing the rules.

Gift to KPC will have lasting benefits
Thank you to Chevron, which this week announced the donation of $1 million to the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Disc golf tournament, Tustumena fun run benefit local organizations
Summer is starting to wane, but that doesn't mean there aren't still numerous days, and ways, left to enjoy the outdoors, including two events -- one this weekend and another the next -- that promise fun and a bit of exercise while raising money for a worthy cause.

On the move: Northern mockingbird spotted on Kasilof River
The mouth of the Kasilof River has been a focal point for many activities this summer including personal-use dipnetting, commercial fishing, and ATV and horseback riding on the beach. Even the destructive hoodlums find pleasure at the flats driving trucks and ATVs or four-wheelers over the dunes and destroying the fragile habitat.

Around the Peninsula

Chicken dinner fundraiser set

Stars set to host Hawks
Galen Brantley Jr. isn't surprised.

Church Briefs

Free clothes available

Celebrating the sacredness of Labor Day
I write this the day after a sacred Labor Day holiday. It was inspirational, filled with ribs and good friends. A healthy slathering of barbecue sauce and laughter elevates one onto higher realms. Celebrating work by not working creates no ethical dilemma for me.

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