Ohio Supreme Court strikes down county's smoking ban

Posted: Friday, September 06, 2002

The Ohio Supreme Court is once again on the wrong side of history with its ridiculous decision striking down Lucas County's ban on smoking in public places.

Public opinion across the state of Ohio and indeed the nation comes down overwhelmingly against smoking in confined public places, and the day will come when Ohio officials accept the inevitable.

But waiting for the General Assembly to give county boards of health the power the Supreme Court contends they lack, or to go the extra mile and enact a statewide ban on its own, is virtually a hopeless exercise. The Republican-controlled legislature is not about to take on the tobacco industry, and the Democrats and their buddies in organized labor have little stomach for such a fight either.

Accordingly, it's time for the citizens of Ohio to bypass the Chamber of the Inert in Columbus and begin a concentrated push for a constitutional amendment to get it done.

... A constitutional amendment would finally validate the notion that a smoker's rights stop where a nonsmoker's nose begins.

-- The Toledo (Ohio) Blade

Aug. 30

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